Welcome to the Mystika Temple

This is an initiatory journey deep into the heart of tantric practice, as used in Egypt thousands of years ago. It weaves these teachings with elements of Indian Tantra and Chinese Taoism, to create a powerful container for tantric awakening. It is ideal for individuals, couples, or friends interested to connect deeper.

Through the 12 weeks you will learn about, unlock, and run tantric energy through multiple energy circuits, in and around your body. You will also immerse into a healing process, uncovering and releasing any blockages that might hold you back from entering powerful energy states.

This course guides you through a series of initiations – using a combination of breathwork, meditation, movement, visualisation, and sound. It opens new energy pathways in your body that bring about states of bliss and expanded states of union – between you and all that you believe in, or between you, your partner, and all of existence.  

We welcome you to the journey into the heart of Egyptian Tantra…

Before you begin

We recommend to move through this training with one class per week. In between classes, we highly recommend continuing to practice that which you have learnt, so that week by week it is deepening you into the practices.

There are occasional exceptions to this rule – if you are for example an experienced spiritual teacher already – you might find you can move through the teachings quicker. Even then, we would like to remind you that – as with all of tantra – if you go slower, you also go deeper!

Book content

If you like to read we encourage you to immerse into the book content which comes with each week. The book also has further recommendations for practice, so it is a nice compliment (although not essential). 


Solo or in partnership

Whether you are entering solo or in relationship (with either a partner or a friend), please be aware that things might come up – emotions, strong energy, memories from the past. We encourage you to use the practices to support you, and all that is arising. If in partnership be aware things might come up for healing between the two of you. Firstly, lean on and trust the practices to support you. If you need additional support as in individual or a couple, feel free to reach out to us. 


If any point during your journey you need to ask a question or require emotional or psychotherapeutic support, please reach out to us. This is an online course, but know you are not alone, we are right here to support you step-by-step. 

With love, 

Kiya, Isis
and the Mystika Tribe

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  1. Week 0 - Ankh Solo Practice - Foundations
  2. Week 1: Creating the Temple Pyramid
  3. Week 2: Ankh Couples Practice
  4. Week 3: Ankh Healing Initiation
  5. Week 4: Awaken Shakti Energy
  6. Week 5: The Chakra Loop
  7. Week 6: Awaken the Snakes
  8. Week 7: Heart Breathing
  9. Week 8: Tantric Healing 1
  10. Week 9: Tantric Healing 2
  11. Week 10: Uniting the maps
  12. Week 11: Wisdom Downloads
  13. Week 12: Ultimate Bliss Out
  14. Guided Audios