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Mary Magdalene and the Tantric Christ

I guess there would have been times some hundreds of years back that I could have been burnt at the stake for weighing in with this view. But we stand now in the 21st century, in new times, so hopefully, I won’t get branded a heretic. Perhaps it's utterly old news to you, but the big reveal in contemporary times is that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were pretty obviously...

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The Origins of Tantra

Today Tantra is synonymous with India, and the Taoist sexual arts of China. Few people know Egypt had its own unique exploration of Tantra. Much like paganism, the Roman Empire and its political agenda eventually came to suppress non-Christian teachings in Egypt over hundreds of years, and later Islamic influence continued that...

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How I first discovered Tantra (by accident)

Many years ago, back when I was 21, I was blessed to fall in love with a very amazing woman who was half-Indian and half-German. One life-changing night, she had fallen asleep before me, and I lay awake beside her in bed. As I looked at her sleeping form, I was filled to overflow with love for her - a love unbound that I had never experienced before. I felt so much...

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Egyptian Tantra Initiation

12-week online course


Join us on a journey into the higher states of Egyptian Tantra. Through this course, you discover how to unlock energy channels in your body, and circulate powerful life-force.

In doing so, you sensitize your body temple, preparing it so that you can start experiencing states of whole-body orgasm, and ultimately cosmic orgasm. This is a journey, and it is truly a profound and beautiful one.

It’s for those that yearn to live more deeply, more fully and more expansively.