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Let me tell you about the

Egyptian Tantric Secrets

What is Egyptian Tantra?

Few are aware there was once an Egyptian form of Tantra.
Ancient and forgotten by almost everyone, it carries
keys that unlock powerful energy pathways in your body.
Once opened they will awaken you – solo or with a partner –
into ecstasy, bliss and divine union.


audio initiations

Using breath practices we can elevate energy from lower energy centers in to higher ones, shift from left brain logic into whole brain unity, and ‘open the ways’ to higher connection.

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Join us for an initiation like no other – into the Egyptian Tantric Mysteries. Lost over time Egyptian Tantra is now being reclaimed for the benefit of all those ready to go deeper into life and love.

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Receive an initiation tailored to your needs and challenges. Discover how the Egyptian practices can up-level your life, your heart and your connection to all you believe in.

What are the benefits of Egyptian Tantra?

  • Activate more energy 
  • Release depression and disconnection
  • Have more connection to yourself and others
  • Expand into higher states of consciousness
  • Heal and release blockages
  • Experience bliss
  • Next-level lovemaking 
  • Experience more love in your life
  • Discover your calling – what you are here to do

The Science of Egyptian Tantra

brainwave states

Egyptian Breathwork comes in many forms – there are breath techniques that activate energy and raise the heart rate, and others that invite a relaxation response in the body.

As you deepen into the experience you go from delta brain waves – normal waking state consciousness – into alpha brain waves theta and even gamma (the brain wave state only recently discovered). Let’s look at these brain wave states to understand them more fully.

and the chemical cocktail

Tantric lovemaking releases the same chemicals that regular lovemaking would release, but because tantric lovemaking is able to extend the time during which these chemicals are at play, it creates far more powerful experiences, with more lasting benefits.

In tantric lovemaking a multitude of chemicals are released, including oxytocin (the love drug), endorphins (the pleasure chemical) and more. So let’s take a look at your inner chemistry set…

Ancient Breathwork

Using breath practices we can elevate from lower energy centers into higher ones.
Shift from left brain logic into whole brain unity, and ‘open the ways’ to higher connection.

Movement Techniques

Movement and postures detox the body and align it with higher states. Similar to yoga, chi kung or tai chi, we discover Egyptian movement medicine as a key to a deeply lived life.   


We teach you the techniques to begin deepening this superpower. Visualisation super-charges all practices, invites more energy to flow, and enables you to dream your ideal life into being.

What can Ankh Breathwork do for you?


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One eventful day around Jan 1st, 2020, the message came to capture this message from Mary Magdelene so it could be shared with the world. It was captured near the end of the 9 days of downloads for my book ‘Egyptian Tantric Secrets’.

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My Crazy Electrocution Story...

I’ve been a spiritual teacher for 14 years now, since I was 30. I started offering Ecstatic Trance Dance, then moved into Breathwork, and then 10 years ago I did a deep dive into Tantra. I love guiding people into expanded states of consciousness!

2 years ago I had a  near-death experience – I got electrocuted. Not a little momentary electric zap, but 2 or 3 minutes of 240 volts running through my entire body. As a result, all of my teachings transformed in a way that I could not ever have imagined. It’s a pretty wild tale to be honest! To read the whole story, click below…

Chanting and Sound

Chanting Ancient Egyptian mantra carries you into expanded states to receive healing, connect to higher consciousness, and reset the nervous system.

Sexual Energy

In Egyptian Tantra we blend energy mastery with love-making to bring about deep healing, and help you elevate into next-level transcendental experiences.


Learn how to shift into alpha, theta and gamma brainwave states – to relax and rejuvenate, touch super consciousness and experience euphoria.

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“Egyptian  Tantric Secrets”



This book is an initiatory journey that shares once secretive practices. Guided by Isis, Egyptian goddess of healing and magic, it leads you back to your tantric birth right – gifting the keys all humans are meant to receive as part of their spiritual transformation.

Receive of them,

breathe into them,

and get ready to rise…

Margot Anand, million copy best-selling

author of ‘The Art of Sexual Ecstasy’ says:

“Egyptian Tantric Secrets is a wonderful read. It is original and deeply alive.

The reader feels he/she is guided by Isis herself.

It’s a must for lovers of tantric initiation.” 


Ma Ananda Sarita, world renowned tantra teacher

and author of ‘Divine Sexuality’ and ‘Tantra Alchemy’:

“This book was born as a channeled gift, transcending time and space,

and speaking directly to the heart and soul of all beings.

Practice the techniques outlined within its pages

and discover timeless truth.”



“Kiya is intuitive, grounded, with an ability to offer direct guidance that speaks to the soul.”

– Annie Marie, Yoga Teacher

After brain surgery I spent 4 years wondering why I was here. Kiya brought  deep healing where I felt able to start living my life again.”

– Jane Jyoti, Natural Therapist

Kiya is a beautiful breath worker. He took me ba​ck to my birth, and brought out memories I never knew existed!

– Monique Darling, Tantra Teacher

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