Isis Initiations

– One-to-One –

In the words of Isis…

“I am known by many names – Aset, Auset, Iset, Isis – and I am one of the ancient Mother Goddesses who works with the earth, and all who live upon it.  I come to remind you, that you are so much more powerful than you realize.

Remember that in your truest aspect, you are like any Goddess, any God, or any human you may be inspired by: you are powerful and able to affect the world around you. That is both gift and responsibility. 

May you always utilize your power guided by love and compassion for others, with the remembrance of your interconnectedness to all of life.

In these One-to-One Initiation Journeys you work directly with Kiya, who goes into a channeling state to bring me through. I am then able to guide you directly, and support you in your initiation and transformation.”

The Two Stage

Initiation into

Egyptian Tantra


Isis Initiations are for personal empowerment, energy sensitization, and immersion into powerful, life-changing spiritual tools and techniques.

They pass on a unique transmission from the Egyptian Tantric lineage. They also teach you practices you can use for the rest of your life. The deeper you immerse into them, the more powerful and life transforming they become.

These practices can be explored solo or as a couple. A couple can be any two people interested to go deeper into spiritual practice or intimate connection together. They could be friends, or lovers/partners.

Learn to teach Egyptian Tantra through one to one training

After going through the two stages of personal initiation, you may then be interested to learn how to teach Egyptian Tantra to others. This is a deeper training in its own right, please contact us for more information about this. 

Isis Initiation: Level  1

– Open to Energy –


In Isis Initiation Level 1 you will learn different yoga movements, breathwork and energy circulation practices, working with the Ankh and other Egyptian spiritual technology. 

These help you to:

  • Connect to the Egyptian Spiritual Lineage
  • Sensitise to energy flow in your body
  • Activate your Ka (your subtle energy body)
  • Magnify energy flow through your body
  • Balance your masculine and feminine more
  • Commune with higher consciousness
  • Release stress and trauma from your body
  • Activate more energy in your daily life
  • Connect deeply with others through Egyptian Tantra.

You will also learn how to work with Energy Pyramids (known as Pyramids of Light), and the Violet Flame for cleansing and purification. From these rich foundations, you discover how to build a solid spiritual practice that can support your whole life. 

The Sessions and the Journey 

Initiations happen once a week for 2 hours, over a 5 week period. In between sessions, you are given practices to explore so you can embody these tools and deepen week by week. 

By the end of the 5 weeks, you will have a rich, foundational grounding into Egyptian Tantric spiritual practice. All these practices help you build an incredible next-level love-life, and a next-level spiritual life that nourishes all parts of you.

Isis Initiation: Level 2

– Awaken to

Expanded States –


During Level 2 we start going deeper – and more expansively – into higher states.

We explore:  

  • The Serpent Initiation Practices – which lead people into whole body orgasmic states.
  • Emotional Release Techniques– which give you tools to handle your emotions (or other people’s) with grace.
  • Deeper Healing – of beliefs that may hold you back from experiencing ecstasy or orgasm.
  • Advanced Energy Circulation Techniques – with the Chakra Loop and other practices.
  • Couples Practices – advanced practices for couples to explore to support next-level connection.

What you Get from each 5-week Initiation: 

  • 5 x 2 hour one-to-one sessions
  • Weekly homework practices
  • Guided audios
  • Weekly course books
  • Egyptian Tantric Secrets (full book)

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out and ask. We can also make time for a consultation call to discuss how this work can support you.

In loving service of the light,

Isis (and Kiya)