Let me tell you my wild but true story…

2 years ago I had a very unexpected accident – I got electrocuted. Not a little momentary electric zap, but 2 or 3 minutes of 240 volts running through my entire body. 

When you get electrocuted like that it magnetically holds you – it’s almost impossible to break the connection. All your muscles contract as they try to protect your heart.

In the final moment of that experience I heard a voice say strongly and clearly – ‘You have to get out of this RIGHT NOW.’ A rush of energy flooded my body and I was somehow able to break the connection. It had been a close call and I was lucky to be alive. I was rushed to hospital, had countless tests, and was sent home a day later to recover. 

3 months after the event I still didn’t understand why I had to go through that experience. But 4 months after, I did an invocation chant to the Egyptian goddess Isis – goddess of healing and magic. I didn’t expect her to come, I mean, you don’t do you? And yet as I sat in meditation after the chant, an angelic female presence entered my space and introduced herself as Isis.

I  met Isis, and life was never the same again

Sounds crazy right? Isis is a mother goddess (also known as Auset, Aset, Ese), and she was right in front of me, emanating love. She offered to initiate me into a remembrance of Egyptian Tantra. She explained that the electrocution had to happen to prepare me to receive these teachings.

What followed was a powerful initiation process working with her. Each day I did my morning practice and she would come and guide me with new ways to work with different spiritual tools – including the Ankh, the Pyramid, the Serpents and a more complex map of the Chakras.

I used to think people that think they’re speaking to Jesus or Buddha or whoever were a bit cuckoo. And yet the unfolding of this as a lived reality truly transformed my life so powerfully, I could not deny it’s authenticity.

I received a book of knowledge in 9 days


After Isis taught me a bunch of spiritual practices that blew me away, she proposed that I channel a book of knowledge from her.

What followed was 9 days of channeling, at the end of which I had received 80,000 words – literally a book of knowledge – and also a set of powerful ancient practices.

These are not just for me, they are spiritual gifts everyone deserves to receive. The one pre-requisite is that you have an interest or curiosity to learn about them. As Isis said, “these teachings are every human’s birthright.”  

Mystika School formed to hold these teachings. There is a book, 2 online courses, guided audios, and also ways to work with me and Isis through 1-to-1 sessions.

This is offered in loving service to support people to return to the remembrance that we are human beings – and divine consciousness – at one and the same time.

This is an excerpt from my book Egyptian Tantric Secrets. Want to read more?