I guess there would have been times some hundreds of years back that I could have been burnt at the stake for weighing in with this view. But we stand now in the 21st century, in new times, so hopefully, I won’t get branded a heretic. Perhaps it’s utterly old news to you, but the big reveal in contemporary times is that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were pretty obviously in a relationship together. As the Nag Hammadi/Gospel of Philip and other texts now reveal to us.

Last year as I was in full flow channeling for my new book about Egyptian Tantra, Mary Magdalene came in. So strongly in fact that I received a whole chapter of wisdom from her which features as one of the final chapters in the book. 

Now obviously the commonly held misperception is that Mary was a whore. In fact, this belief was only put forward around the 5th or 6th century, but it seemed to have been taken on and accepted as truth. The real truth, of course, is far from that which is presented to us. In The Magdalen Manuscript by Tom Kenyon, he presented the idea that she was an Egyptian priestess of Isis who had immersed deeply into mystery school teachings, including tantric practices.

When I first read this book, it was a revelation. The tantric path which I had seemed as coming from India and Chinese teachings, suddenly revealed itself to be much more widespread than I had ever realized. It was at the heart of the Christian teachings, though edited out of the Christianity presented to us today, and it was also within ancient Egyptian spiritual teachings. 

The experience of channeling her was deeply powerful. Just before I started channeling I received the guidance that I should record this audio, that it might be something to share directly with people one day. Everything else that has come through for the book I had recorded direct onto my phone. But following this guidance I got hold of my professional mic and set it up in my space. What came through over the course of an hour was sometime powerful, potent and emotional. At one point I felt I was crying for her – or she was crying through me – as she shared the pain of losing her beloved so suddenly. So let me share some excerpts of that sharing. The full audio will soon be available as an audio transmission, with her words also translated into one chapter that features in my book ‘Egyptian Tantric Secrets’. 

As Mary Magdalene shares:

‘When I last walked upon this earth I was in female form, and I am known to many throughout the world as Mary Magdalene. As you may know, there was a point, hundreds of years after the passing of Christ, Yeshua, my beloved, when I was changed and transformed in how I was presented to the world. I was presented in a light that was intended to denigrate my value, my worth. 

I would like to speak today about who I was and am still, and the journey that I walked with Yeshua. Perhaps you don’t know for it is seldom taught, but I was once an initiate in Egypt. I was a priestess in the Temples of Isis and I was deeply dedicated to her – to her wisdom, her teachings. Not only dedicated to her, but in a place of remembrance of her, through my studies, through my practice over many years in Egypt. 

Through the benefit of many incarnations of working to purify the path that I was walking, I was able in that lifetime to achieve the final revelation not just as concept, but as lived, absolute truth… that I was one with Isis… that Isis and I were the same. That there was no separation between I and She. And so I lived from that place of remembrance of my divine nature as goddess. All that I did was in remembrance of that. And when I first met Yeshua, in that first moment of glimpsing him, I was able to see that he was at that same level of perception, of understanding. Final union with Godhead he had achieved.

So he was in union with God, and I was in union with Goddess, and both of us were fully surrendered to the truth of that in our incarnation. We no longer doubted, we rarely fell from standing in that place of greatest realization. So when we met, and came closer, we both already knew instantly, there was a great work we were to do. There was a magnetic attraction that pulled us together that neither of us could deny. 

Perhaps it sounds strange to hear this, but Yeshua came to the Isis temple to learn. He had been called, he had followed that divine guidance from his God, to go to that temple and receive of the teachings there. Myself and others within the temple were immediately able to see the level from which he operated. His attainment itself gave out a quality of light. Whilst we initiated him, he needed the initiation only so as to receive the immediate remembrance. In many ways it was a remembrance not of God, but of his union with Goddess, and I came to be the one that was able to lead him through many of those initiations. Some of those were done within the temple, with other members of our community present.

The love that we held for each other spanned so many levels. So yes, there was the human dimension in both of us that fell in love, as one would as a romantic couple. And yet, we both also had the eyes to see the other planes of reality, to see how that love was the fuel that could carry us both into a union of God and Goddess in the divine union, the Great Divine Union, the Great Divine Remembrance.

Though it was written out of the story you were told, please know that Yeshua and I journeyed as tantric partners. We made love. We healed wounds. We opened one another. We reminded one another in every moment, reminding all the aspects that had moments of forgetting. We were able to carry one another – together – into the greatest love. The greatest love that had been experienced on planet earth for a long time. 

That was a love that celebrated the divine in each and every moment. That danced in the eyes of God in each and every moment. That offered up the body of these two holy lovers upon the altar. As our sacrifice we offered our hearts upon the altar, we offered our everything, our souls upon the altar of divine remembrance. As we kept offering all of that up – to the God and the Goddess that we knew to be true – what rained down from above was golden, heavenly blessings. They showered us when we were alone in bed with one another. They showered us when we walked through the streets. They showered upon us as we worked in the temple, as we helped to heal the people that came. As we invited them to return to remembrance of their own direct connection with God, with Goddess. 

Let me just speak a little of our divine lovemaking. It was a lovemaking that welcomed every single aspect of our most divine self and our most human. And it loved every single part. And so as we made love, physically at times, energetically at other times, memories, moments from this life or past lives would arise. Or even memories and moments from other people’s lives, would arise into the field of our lovemaking. We would breathe and love them, be with them. We would cry with them and heal with them. We returned again and again to love, a greater and greater, ever-expanding love, that was able to open and welcome all of them. 

We were able to journey and relate together in what could best be described as a tantric union. What is a tantric union? It is a uniting of our masculine and feminine energies and a sharing, mixing and melting of those energies, greater than the capacity that we could ever have achieved as individuals. And so we served one another for a time and loved one another so deeply, that we discovered the deepest love that can ever be known as earthly beloveds on planet Earth.  

We loved one another as sexual beings, but it went much further than that. There was also a soul love and a shared love of spirit that we were able to open to, and that truly showed to us the God/Goddess communion possible through two humans committed to raising themselves and one another to their highest vibrational frequency.’ 

She goes on to speak more specifically about the false notion of ‘Sex as a Sin’…

‘How does one best disempower a vast empire of human beings? One teaches people that sex is a sin. One teaches people that womankind is not a goddess but a whore. At best they may be given the role of Mother, one that is saintly, and held within rigid confines. This was not just intended to disempower women, but to disempower the feminine within all people, across many countries and lands, and sadly it was very effective.

So along the way, what was removed from the Christian teachings was the tantric relationship that Yeshua and I shared. Part of the intention of this book, is to bring back more of this knowledge that was removed from public awareness.  

We realize this is controversial information, it may fly in the face of some people’s beliefs, and some may even get angry at hearing this knowledge. Please know we do not intend to anger. We simply wish to share our experience of truth with you. That includes sharing about the sacred union I shared with Yeshua, and some of the practices and techniques that we worked with to enables us to achieve that holy union, including the Ankh practices. Please know these are keys to your divine temple. Part of your divine birthright that we now return to you. We hope these teachings are insightful, illuminating and helpful for your path. They are shared with love from us.’

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