Magdalena’s Tales

The International Best-Seller

by Kiya Ankara

Discover the life story of Mary Magdalene,

hidden from us for almost 2000 years.

In her own words, Mary Magdalene guides us on a revelatory journey into her life, sharing how she trained to become a high priestess, deeply inspired by Goddess Isis.


Each chapter contains a powerful memory from her life as she shares about her quest for spiritual truth and divine connection.

Through it, we come to understand her life, her heart, and the process of initiation into the Egyptian priestess lineage.

“Now is the time for my true story to be revealed…

For all those ready to receive…

Magdalena’s Tales Reviews

Testimonials from Modern Day Priestesses & Teachers

What a gift to be able to have a front row seat to the incredible journey of Mary Magdalene as she discovered herself as priestess to Isis. To know that even an ascended master also had to tread her path as human, in a process of awakening and revelation that demands the same blind faith and deep self trust that we are all called to as seekers, priestesses, mystics who are willing to heed the call of soul mission, of service to humanity and its evolution.

As a priestess of Isis I identified with her and received so much solace for my own struggles with disorientation, confusion, the fear of betraying family, resisting the pressure of cultural norms and expectations; all portrayed here form the point of view of the young Magdalena seen as rebel, seen as misfit, a problem child.

I hope this book can help a wider audience to better understand the truth of this magnificent being and what she had to face in order to fulfill her destiny as not only the partner of Yeshua but the powerful anchor of feminine Christ consciousness that is reawakening now in these times of Earth’s regeneration.

Carina Alencar


Hi my name is Leah Sonaria and I am here in Seva, Egypt, at the beautiful Oracle temple, a very sacred site.

I just wanted to share my praises for Kiya and his work. I just finished reading Magdalene’s Tales and it was such an illuminating transmission into the life of Mary Magdalene before she met Yeshua.

It’a about her path of becoming a priestess and how she was able to come to Egypt, and Alexandria, and learn how to be in these sacred alchemical arts and practice them, and all the initiations that she went through.

It was so illuminating and it’s such a gift to be able to receive this direct transmission which is lost knowledge, but it has really filled in the gaps for me in understanding my own priestess path.

So thank you Kiya for the amazing work, and I can’t wait for the next book to come through. Many blessings to you. Make sure you grab your copy when you can!

Leah Sonaria


In this new channelled book, Mary Magdalene shares her story – from being a young girl born in the fishing port of Magdala – and the epic journey (both inner and outer) that she took to become an Isis priestess in Egypt.

Come for a revelatory uncovering of truths that have been kept hidden – or cloaked under lies – for almost two thousand years.

Expanding on the story shared in ‘The Magdalen Manuscript’ by Tom Kenyon, we hear even more of Mary’s powerful story, shared in her own heartfelt words.

Whether you read this as a factual transmission or as a fictional tale, either way it carries powerful spiritual truths . 

Through Magdalena’s Tales we discover what it was like to be an Isis priestess during the time of Roman occupation, going with her on her journey of spiritual transformation and initiation.

Come to be inspired by a unique voice, teacher and priestess, whose teachings are now truly ready to be shared with the world.

“LOng before i feLl in love with yeshua (Jesus), I was initiated by goddess Isis…

She became my guide and teacher of the healing and magical arts.

This is the journey of my initiations over many years by her and my priestess sisters.

Through these initiations I transformed completely.

Never was my life the same again.

Come my love, breathe into your tender most heart and listen to my story.”

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