Wild Holy Lovers (Magdalena transmission)


Mary Magdalene speaks, as shared by Kiya Ankara, talking about her tantric relationship with Yeshua (Jesus), and her life as a Wild Holy Lover.


This is a powerful message channeled from Mary Magdalene, captured near the end of the 9 days of downloads for my book ‘Egyptian Tantric Secrets’.

The rest of the book is almost entirely channeled from Isis, but on one eventful day around Jan 1st, 2020, the message came to capture this message from Mary Magdelene so it could be shared with the world.

It has been blended together with music by musician and healer Charlie Roscoe. We invite you to sit back and relax, breathing and receiving these words, and the transmission contained within it. Receive Mary’s heartfelt share about her true past, as an Isis priestess, a healer, a mystic, and the one who fell so deeply in love with Yeshua as her beloved, her partner, and her soul mate. This re-writes the Christian narrative with love and truth, and brings listeners to tears with its raw yet tender-hearted honesty.

Come meet Magdalena…


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