Mystika Breathwork Journeys

What is breathwork?

As you may know, there are many forms of breathwork available in the world today. There are yogic breath techniques, many of which help focus and interiorise the awareness in a powerful way.

There are also forms such as Rebirthing Breathwork which can stir up emotions so they can be seen and processed. Yet others can activate the sexual fires, others help raise those fires through the whole body. Whole body orgasm? This can be reached simply through the power of the breath.

Breathwork is a set of Keys to Transformation and Activation 

All forms of breathwork can help us expand into states of deep connection with ourselves, with others, or with all of life.

Want to become one with the one? Numerous breath techniques can get you there!

The question becomes – what effect do you want to create?

  • Do you want to release stress?
  • Unfreeze stagnant emotions?
  • Open into deep healing space?
  • Activate fire, passion and energy in the body?
  • Do you want to get high on your own supply?
  • Do you want to connect to the Egyptian lineage?
  • Or taste a sense of peace?

Breathwork can shift your consciousness powerfully and effectively.


is a set of tools

that generate different effects in the bodymind

At Mystika, we love many forms of breathwork! We see how each breathwork tool can serve and support different intentions.

Perhaps you are in a couple. When you use the right breath technique, oxytocin (the love chemical) guides you and a partner (or friend) into a gentle, melted, open heart space. You get loved up, just by following a certain breath technique. Below we have some short taster audios – please note these are not the full journeys, but they are long enough to give you a taste of the state of consciousness that breathwork can shift you into.

Safety warning

Do not try these breathwork techniques whilst driving a car or operating machinery. Try them in your home, or somewhere you won’t be disturbed.

Please also note that rebirthing and tantric breathing can at times cause cramping in the hands and feet. This is a occasional side effect of the energy building in your body.

Tantric Healing

Audio Journey 1

In this tantric breathwork journey we guide you into an expanded state of consciousness, and support you to align sexual energy with the heart and with all that you believe in.

This breathwork journey activates a powerful, deep healing experience. It can be utilized again and again to take you on tantric healing journeys. 

IMPORTANT: this audio is not to be listened to whilst driving a car or operating machinery. It is extremely powerful. Only listen when you are in a safe space such as your home.

Intro audio: 30 mins

Tantric Healing Journey: 65 mins


Listen to sample

by Kiya Ankara | Tantric Healing - audio taster

Ankh Breathwork

The Ankh maps onto the body and the chakras. You then breathe your way through the Ankh in order to access more energy and elevate consciousness. Keep following breath-by-breath to expand into higher states. 

The guidance for this audio is woven into the recording, no intro audio is needed.

Guided Ankh Breathwork Practice: 60 mins

IMPORTANT:  do not listen to whilst driving a car or operating machinery. Listen in a safe space where you will be uninterrupted.

Listen to sample

by Kiya Ankara | Ankh Breathwork - audio taster

Ecstatic Heart

Tantric breathwork

Work with the power of Heart Breathing – a circular breath technique that activates powerful energy and guides you deeply into an inner state of ecstasy.

You may listen to this solo or with a partner (or friend) to go on a deep journey of tantric heart activation.  

Includes a free 20 min intro video that introduces the breath technique. 

IMPORTANT: do not listen to whilst driving a car or operating machinery. Listen in a safe space where you will not be interrupted.   

Listen to sample

by Kiya Ankara | Ecstatic Heart - audio taster

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