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Egyptian Tantric Secrets
Mentorship Intention:

This Mentorship Training is for spiritual teachers and healers to go deeper on the path of Egyptian Tantra, with the intention of preparing them to teach this body of work to others.

It will firstly initiate you into the teachings and practices contained within my book Egyptian Tantric Secrets. We will also go deeper into new Magdalena material that is not explored in any of my published books. As a result it is also ideal for those that identify with The Rose Lineage, the path that wove through Egypt and was then taken up by Yeshua and Magdalena who helped it rebirth for the new times they were living in. 

During the first 12 weeks we are focused on the initiation rites. You will receive deep experiential understanding of the tools and techniques contained within Egyptian Tantric Secrets, and will be encouraged to incorporate them into your life on a regular basis, as part of the preparation to begin teaching this work to others.

We will then move on to stage 2, the second 12 weeks, where we shift focus to how to teach this body of work. This could be for one-to-one sessions, couples sessions, or group sessions.

During this stage a big emphasis is placed on you getting direct experiential knowledge of holding space for others. At different points you will be asked to guide firstly your peer group online, and then later you’ll be asked to invite people for one-to-one, group or couples sessions with you, either live for our calls, or outside of class time. If outside of class time, you will need to record your session so it can be assessed to help you deepen or expand your teaching transmission.

At the end of our second stage there will be a final assessment, in which you will offer either a one-to-one, couples or group session, depending on which might be the area you wish to focus on in the future.

Those who are ready to begin teaching this body of work will graduate, those that might need to develop in certain areas to be ready to teach we will explore different options for this next stage of development. This may include additional external teaching with other teachers, or it could include additional one-to-one work with Kiya at Mystika School.


Anyone joining this programme needs to have worked with – and embodied – different spiritual or healing modalities within your life already. You will also have some experience of holding space for others.

This is an advanced training and not for beginners. You will only be invited to join if you are sufficiently prepared to step to the next-level in your space holding. If you are unsure whether you are or not we can discuss this in person via an online call.  

NOTE: All students need to have completed the Ankh Healing Online Course Levels 1 and 2, prior to us beginning this new training journey. Contact me if you need to discuss doing this training.

Experiencing this training will mean we are all starting from the same foundational ground. It will save time which we would otherwise need to squeeze into what is already a very full schedule!  


Starting January 2025


6 months in 2 x 12-week blocks, with an integration pause half way through, 7 months in total. 

LEVEL 1 START DATE: 22nd Jan 2025 (3 months)

INTEGRATION PERIOD: April 16th (5 weeks)

LEVEL 2 START DATE: 22 May 2025 (3 months)

COMPLETION: 7th August 2025

What our students have to say:

Hear from some of our current students who are half-way through their Egyptian Tantric Secrets mentorship journey…

Level 1: Initiations (12 weeks)

This is an overview of the topics covered during our initiation journey:

  1. Ankh Breathwork – Advanced Solo Practice


  2. Ankh Breathwork – Couples Practice


  3. Ankh Dance and Movement Practice (Egyptian Chakra Initiation)


  4. Egyptian Trance Postures – The 7 postures (of the 22)


  5. Deepen into Healing: Heart Breathing


  6. Tantric practice for singles – Chakra & Ankh Loop Initiation

  7. Shaking & Serpent Power – Activating Sekhem (Kundalini) Life-force


  8. Sexual Healing 1 – breath, touch and sensory awakening


  9. Sexual Healing 2 – breath, touch, sound


  10. Working with the Akashic Records / Higher Guidance


  11. Magdalena’s Transmission: The Grail Rites



  12. Tantric Practice for Couples – Chakra Breathing, Ankh Lovemaking and Initiating Beloveds

      NOTE: Further down this page I will go into more detail about this content. You can also refer to my book ‘Egyptian Tantric Secrets’ for a better understanding of the content. If your questions are not answered below we can discuss on zoom. 

    Level 2: Teaching Empowerment (12 weeks)

    Learning how to teach is multi-layered. Great teaching comes from going on your own deep dive transformation journey, as we have done during level 1.

    Now we step into the realm of learning how we can share all we have embodied with others. Week by week we will explore different areas of this…

    1. How to teach and how not to teach!
      Foundations and fundamentals of how to offer safe spaces for others (singles, couples or groups)


    2. Ankh Mini-Class: An experiential chance to guide
      Guide a short Ankh breathwork practice (based on any of the Ankh practices from the book) and get feedback and reflections from Kiya and your peer group.


    3. The Ankh Dance Movement Map
      We will look at how to create a dance wave journey – learning this can also be applied to any ritual or other offering. Each of you will be asked to guide us through one chakra, using one piece of music during the second half of this session.


    4. The Science and Methodology of Guiding People into Trance
      This week we look at WHY we want to induce these states and HOW we can best induce them for others. 


    5. Learn to guide sensual embodiment practices
      Using touch and sensory awakening rituals (for singles, couples or groups), including time to guide some of the class. 


    6. How to guide Egyptian Tantra groups
      This week we explore tools, techniques and approaches for how to guide groups, including an exploration of different styles of class / workshop, experiential / informative classes. Looking at the map for an Egyptian 2-hour group experience.


    7. Tantric Healing: Guiding Individuals 
      Learn the art of guiding healing space for individuals, including an exploration of different maps – energetic tantric healing sessions, hands-on, or working with the breath.


    8. Tantric Healing: Guiding Couples
      Learn the fine art of lovingly navigating the dynamics of two people (and their traumas). Plus steps for a guided couples ritual. Homework: Go find a couple to guide.


    9. How to Awaken Sekhem (Kundalini) – ways to work with and support people to open their potent Sekhem life-force, through an unlocking and activation of the energy body.


    10. Learn the Art of Energy Orgasm – bring a friend or partner who is up for trying this, as this will be hands off, but also hands on!


    11. Creating and Guiding Egyptian Rituals – working with different deities and creating different rituals based on their unique codes. You will be asked to guide part of a co-guided journey with your peer group. 


    12. Preparing for assessment – We will look in depth at the preparation steps for your final assessment.

    Ongoing Practice, Coursework & Final Assessment 


    Once we begin, and as we move stage by stage through the different initiations, I will ask and recommend you to include and incorporate different exercises, meditations etc into your daily practice time.

    If you do not yet have a daily practice, this will be the beginning of creating one, and you will be given an accountability buddy – someone else on the course – who you will check in with between the weekly training time to help support you both to stay on track.  

    You will also at times be given homework, including researching into the different deities you might feel called to work with. This ongoing homework and practice time is essential in embodying these teachings so they become a transmission (and not just something you have intellectually learnt).

    If you have concerns about meeting these commitments, lets discuss in advance to determine whether this is the right time to do this training, and what might need to shift to create extra time for this deepening study.    


    Based on what most excites you, you will devise and offer either an Egyptian Tantra 1 to 1 healing session, a couples session or a group session. NB this needs to be filmed clearly enough so that Kiya can watch and hear clearly, so he can assess the session, or be done live, whilst Kiya is watching.


    This is the overview of the whole training. Below we break down the LEVEL 1 INITIATIONS in extra detail, so you understand more fully what we will cover – and what you can then ultimately go on to share with others. 

    Week 1: Opening Temple Space & Ankh Breathwork  Advanced Solo Practice

    In this first class, we prepare ourselves for the journey ahead, working with Energy Pyramids, to create a powerful and safe container – a Temple Pyramid – within which we will explore the Egyptian Tantric mysteries.

    We then go into working with the Ankh solo practice, combining it with chant to activate it more powerfully. This class assumes some prior experience of the Ankh Breathwork practices – either from reading and exploring the practices in Kiya’s book, or ideally through following the free class via the Mystika website sign-up. 

    In this class we go deeper into exploring more complex ways to work with the Ankh, utilizing a combination of breath, movement, sound, and visualisation. This practice is a foundational practice which we will return to at different times throughout our journey together. As you learn it, be mindful of how you might teach and share it with others. 


    Week 2: Ankh Breathwork Couples Practice  

    Today we explore the Ankh as partnered practice – with friends, beloveds, indeed anyone you may be open to share energy with. For those who don’t have someone to join them, you can also do partnered practice with your Ka (energy body) which is super powerful!

    You can also explore these practices with Isis / Aset or indeed any Divine Masculine or Divine Feminine consciousness. 

    So as part of our deepening today into Ankh couples practice we will work with inviting in divine consciousness to exchange energy with – or to simply invite that divine energy to pour through us, as we become that divine, and experience sharing that with a partner or friend.

    Once mastered you can integrate Ankh breathwork as part of your lovemaking experience, for truly next-level sacred union. We will touch on the basics of this, and go deeper into this later in the training.  

    Week 3: Ankh Dance and Movement Practice (Chakra Initiation) 

    Now we take our Ankh and begin to move with it, through dance and movement practice. This transforms the Ankh practice from something yogic to something of fire and wind! We will sweat, activate sexual energy, and allow it gradually to rise. 

    As we dance we will also light up each of our chakra’s one by one, starting from the root, rising through the sex, the solar, and into the heart. From the heart we keep rising into the throat, the third eye and the crown.

    In doing so we go on the journey that anyone and everyone can go on, from the more dense, earthly energies, through the heart and into the more celestial realms of consciousness.

    Beginning to map this chakra terrain is a key part of understanding how to guide people, in and through these different – yet connected – states of consciousness. We will discuss and reflect on this at the end of the session. Homework will be to put together your own Chakra Dance music flow, with 7 tracks, one for each of the chakras.    

    Week 4: Egyptian Trance Postures

    Trance Postures might be viewed by others as Egyptian Yoga. However, there is a subtle difference. Within trance postures we will hold different postures and poses and breathe into them. When combined with trance inducing rhythms (drums or sistrums for example), we enter trance – an expanded state of consciousness. 

    Once in that state, the postures themselves begin to reveal to us their medicine, their teaching. Isis with her arms out either side of her is perhaps the most famous Egyptian trance posture. But few even speak of the idea of ‘trance postures’, an idea coined by Felicitas Goodman, who did a global research project into the phenomenon of spiritual postures and poses being encoded into the art, sculptures, heiroglyphs, cave paintings, and stone carvings throughout the world, and throughout history.

    This week we will discover a series of the Egyptian Trance Postures, and in experiencing them directly, we begin to learn the potent medicine from the ancient Egyptian lineage. Come ready to assume the postures of the Neteru – the gods and goddesses – to receive their teachings from within. 

    Homework will be researching into finding new Egyptian Trance Postures, drawn from heiroglyphs and statues from Egypt. 

    Week 5: Deepen into Healing with Heart Breathing 

    Join us to explore ‘Heart Breathing’ – in which we melt deep into the heart, working with a powerful form of circular breathwork, known to most as Rebirthing Breathwork. Through this modality, and working with a more feminine approach to rebirthing, we open to the emotional field – to clear and release anything that might need to be let go of.

    Rebirthing is one of the spiritual power tools—it expands consciousness so you can see how challenges in life connect back to experiences that – most commonly -are rooted in childhood.

    As you keep breathing, you follow that thread, journeying back to breathe with past experiences or memories if they should arise. Once felt, challenging or traumatic experiences transform and can be released, or are re-integrated from a higher perspective.

    Homework is to work with guided Heart Breathing or Rebirthing Breathwork audios for 7 days.  

    Week 6: Tantric practice for singles – Chakra Loop Initiation

    For this next initiation, we are going to start experiencing the chakras not just as a ladder that rises from root to crown, but as a loop. This is what the Taoists call the micro-cosmic orbit. Within Egyptian Tantric Secrets we  like to call it the Chakra Loop.

    Why should we be interested to turn the 7 chakras from a ladder into a loop? Because it enables us to tap into a perpetual stream of energy.

    During this class we will open this loop through an unlocking process, step-by-step, on the front and back of the body, so you can then start allowing more energy to flow.

    This leads you to start experiencing whole body orgasmic states. We will also run this potent flowing energy through the Ankh loop as a secondary circuit that is connected to the Chakra Loop. 

    N.B. Sometimes this initiation takes a week or longer to fully activate in the body, but it is likely to dial up your energetic sensitivity in a notable and powerful way. We will also learn ways to balance and moderate the energy so you can consciously turn it on or off with your intention. 

    Week 7: Awaken the Serpent Power 

    The snake was branded as the bad guy in the garden of Eden. Yet Asia and Egypt have a totally different view of the serpent within their spiritual systems. For them, the serpent is a symbol of power, and beautifully conveys a quality of life-force that can move powerfully through the body.  

    For this next initiation we learn how to ‘awaken the serpents’, weaving and raising them through the chakras to activate powerful energy known as Sekhem.

    Sekhem is pure life-force energy, and is presided over by Sekhmet, the ultimate fiery lioness goddess. Like Kali from the Hindu tradition she is powerful and ready to chop heads (removing ego/mind) so as to support the highest evolution of your soul.  

    This is another key piece in the Egyptian Initiations, passed on in the temples thousands of years ago, and now passed on to you.


    Week 8: Sexual Healing 1 – breath, touch and sensory awakening  

    Bastet is the feline protector of the home, who historically ensured that the rodents were kept away from the food stores. But Bastet also revels in luxury, indulgence, and embodiment through the sensual realm. Think of how the cat revels in touch and affection.

    Today we call upon the support of Bastet to help guide us into the realm of sensual connection with our own body, utilizing a combination of deep breath, touch, and sensorial awakening. As we open to simple sensual connection with our body we move gradually towards the sex centre, to see what might be there, in the belly or the sex centre, connection to our free flowing (or more blocked) sexual expression. 

    This is an essential piece for anyone who want to guide people into tantric connection either with themselves or with others. We start first at home, with our own bodies, and breath by breath journey deeper into the realm of sensual awakening and sexual healing. 

    This can run incredibly deep for some. It can bring to the surface some of our deepest conditioning and programming, that may have been passed on to us from parents, school or society.

    For those that don’t think they have any sexual issues, but who rely on use of drink, drugs or other substances to open you – there is most definitely deeper healing work to be done – to help you meet in a clear space, unaffected by reliance on substances to relax you.

    Homework for this week is to continue making time for sexual healing and sensual connection. If you are in relationship, some of this can be done together with your partner, this will be covered at the end of the session.

    Week 9: Sexual Healing 2 – breath, touch, sound 

    In this class we will deepen into Tantric Sexual Healing through working with sound as a release tool. This is deep-level healing of blockages in the body and mind.  

    I’ll be offering a tantric healing session live with a client, so you can see and understand how you can go about offering and holding space for a partner (or even a friend) within this tantric sexual healing realm.

    Bring a friend or partner who is open to working with breath, touch and sound to activate sexual energy. As I offer the live tantric session for you to watch, you will be offering the same support to your friend or partner. 

    Note: there will not be any direct sexual contact (with the genitals) during this session. However, you will bring touch to their body, including working in the belly and pelvic area, provided that your client/receiver is open to this. This will be discussed in advance of the session.

    So let us step in one level deeper through the use of tantric breath, touch and most especially sound, and begin to experience how to offer this support to others. 


    Week 10: Holy Grail Initiation Rites (Magdalena)

    This week Magdalena will be guiding us for at least half of our session, sharing words, teachings, and a potent initation into working with the Holy Grail, as a container to hold alchemical practice. This weaves together all she learnt as an Isis priestess, together with all she shared with Yeshua. 

    Through this purification rite working with the Holy Grail we continue to clear the energy pathways in the body, rewriting the lies of Christianity, and the distorted ‘sex is a sin’ teaching so many of us grew up with.

    Magdalena can help us rewire our own bodies, realigning them as holy temples, holy beacons able to open through orgasm into incredible states of en-light-en-ment.

    In doing so we become beacons, broadcasting the Wild Holy Lovers transmission the world so desperately needs, now more than ever, to counteract the distortions of pornography, the over-sexualised media, and the virgin-whore dichotomy so many of us were taught.

    Magdalena comes to reveal the truth behind the lies, the power and love that dwell ‘beyond any notion of sin’, and the holy sexuality that is found within the bridal chamber, be that with ourselves as the beloved, with our partner, or with the divine into which we are seeking to merge. 

    Week 11: Working with the Akashic Records 

    As we get near to the final third of Level 1, we step back from sexual healing to look at a whole other crucial aspect of initiation that will massively impact your work as a teacher. Through it you will learn how to connect to higher wisdom to get your own ‘downloads’.

    Part of this is a guided journey to connect to the Akashic Records – the halls of wisdom that exist on other planes of consciousness, always there for spiritual practitioners to drink from. There you can access books of wisdom or guides and teachers to support you on your path. 

    As you know, I tapped into Isis and she has brought through amazing insights, and guidance to me… and you can do the same – connecting to whatever you believe in.

    Different people might conceive of this in various ways – some see it as connecting into their own higher wisdom. Others might feel they’re connecting to a god or goddess, a shamanic helper or ally, depending on your worldview. Everyone is born with the divine birth-right to access higher guidance, and the wisdom of the Akashic Records. Come discover how to do this, to support you into a greater empowerment as a teacher who can access great wisdom.

    Once you establish your direct connection to higher consciousness or to the Akashic Records, you can download new or ancient teachings, and help support the rebirthing of spiritual consciousness on planet earth at this time.


    Week 12: Tantric Initiation

    for couples – Chakra & Ankh Practice 

    Today we explore how you can go about initiating beloveds, partners or friends into potent chakra-based practices. We will also explore how this can be blended into your lovemaking, together with the Ankh circulation practices. 

    We will put an Egyptian infusion into this Chakra Breathwork journey, drawing on the Ankh and the tube torus pathways as part of our energy circulation tools. We will then immerse into a powerful tantric couples practice – using breath and sound to ride our way through the chakras.

    If you are in a relationship you are invited to bring your partner along if they are open to trying this out together. If you are not, you can also learn this with a friend, activating powerful energetic states.

    NOTE: It would be ideal to have someone to explore this practice with, it can be a same-sex or opposite sex close friend, if you are not in a relationship at this time, or if you are with someone who is not interested to explore spiritual practices such as this. 


    Does this Mentorship
    Call to you?

    Book in for a one-to-one call with Kiya to ask any questions, and for both of you to explore whether you are the right fit for this training.

    As you may sense this training is NOT for everyone, and you need to have some level of space holding or teaching experience before being sufficiently experienced to take this next step. 

    For the right person this journey will be a fast-track growth phase over 7 months, which can up-level all aspects of your life from the ground up, transforming your love life, your sex life and your spiritual life. 

    If you are unsure if you have the right level of experience, or if this is the right training for you, then reach out and ask us.

    Book in a call and we can discuss it in detail with you, and give an honest reflection on whether this training could be right for you at this time or not. And if it is not, we may have other ways we can support you instead.  


    Any questions?

    I'm new to spiritual trainings, is this for me?

    It may not be quite the right fit if you are brand new to all things spiritual. This training is ideal for those who have some years of experience of exploring their own healing journey, including going through some kind of teacher training in the field of mind body spirit. If you are still unsure reach out via email or book a consultation call to discuss.

    I'm a teacher already, will this help expand or improve my skillset?

    If you are teaching already, this training could be a great fit for you. As you may know, to become a great spiritual teacher it can help to continue to go to trainings over years. If Egypt or tantric teachings call to you, this could be an incredible way to find a wealth of new (yet ancient) content to share with the world.

    I don't have a regular spiritual practice, is that a problem?

    Part of the journey of embodying these teachings is to integrate it into a regular practice, ideally on a daily basis. If you don’t yet have a regular practice, this training could give you a chance to put in place a loving, super nourishing daily practice that will help elevate your life on all levels. If you don’t think you have time to practice this training may not be right for you. To teach this content you need to first embody it deeply in your own life..

    I want to do this training but I don't know if I can make all the dates, can I still join?

    Each stage of this training will be filmed, so if you cannot make certain dates you can always catch up in your own time. Ideally you will be able to stay ‘in synch’ with the training, catching up week by week as we go. If you fall behind, you could also do the entire course as a self-study journey in your own time, the only thing you would miss out on would be the chance to ask questions live and direct. Please note, there are some stages of Level 2 where you will be asked to guide part of a live or recorded class. If this cannot be done live due to other commitments, speak to Kiya and explore what work arounds might be possible for you. Wherever possible we will find alterative times and support you.

    I want to use this training as a space for therapy and healing, can I do that?

    During Level 1 a big focus is on leading you through initiations and activations. Within these sessions things may come to the surface for healing and this can support your therapeutic process.However, please be aware that as we shift into Level 2 we move into learn how to hold space for others, within that framework there will be less space for your personal healing, and so other spaces (such as one-to-one sessions or a parallel healing container) might be needed, should you need one to one healing or therapeutic support. Discuss with Kiya if you have any concerns.

    I want to learn tantra but I'm not sure about the Egyptian focus. Is this course for me?

    Those feeling the call would likely have some resonance with Egypt, since it will be a central aspect of our teaching, working with both the different gods and goddesses, as well as the symbols and keys that are unique to Egypt (e.g the Ankh, the pyramids, and the merkaba). If this does not call to you, this training may not be for you.

    If this is a tantra training is there lots of focus on sex?

    Because this is a tantra training, we will be embracing sexual energy in different ways. At times we will be learning energy practices without activating sexual energy, at other points we will be immersing into tantric healing space for yourselves, and for the liberation of our own sexual energy. At other points you will learn how to hold space for others to open to energy, including sexual energy. There are ways in which this can be done as a more white tantra approach (in which you don’t stimulate sexual energy directly), or as a more red tantra approach (in which you do activate sexual energy, or you guide others to). As we are training we will be focused more towards a white tantra approach so that you can learn the steps and methods of teaching, before you then add the extra fuel of sexual energy when you are guiding others.

    I need sexual healing, is this training for me?

    If you feel you need to go on your own personal sexual healing journey, another training might be an even better fit. There will be stages where sexual healing may occur, but if you feel you need to deep dive into this subject for your own healing and that is your top priority, another training could be better suited for you at this time. If you have already explored some sexual healing work, and you feel called to teach tantra, including the healing of sexual energy, this training could be perfect for you.

    I'm not into process work, is this course for me?

    Within this body of work we go into healing and process work as an integral part of the training. If this doesn’t call to you this training may not be right for you.

    I don't want to teacher but can I join for the Level 1 initiations only?

    We have limited spots on this training, so priority will be given to those that want to go on the full journey of Personal Initiation, and Teaching Initiation. That said, we may consider a few people who are committed to a deep dive personal initiation. Contact Kiya to discuss this possibility.

    I don't have much time to do any homework, can I still join?

    You may still be able to join, so long as you are aware that all homework would need to be completed before you could be certified by the school.

    Do I get certified if I do this training?

    Those that complete all homework and final assessment modules will receive a certificate of completion. You could then offer this body of work to others, and reference Mystika School as your place of study.