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“Egyptian Tantric Secrets”



This book is an initiatory journey that shares once secretive practices.

Guided by Isis, Egyptian goddess of healing and magic, it leads you back to your tantric birth right

– gifting the keys all humans are meant to receive as part of their spiritual transformation.

Receive of them, breathe into them, and get ready to rise…

Margot Anand

Million-copy Best-Selling Author of

‘The Art of Sexual Ecstasy’ 

“Egyptian Tantric Secrets is a wonderful read. It is original and deeply alive.

The reader feels he/she is guided by Isis herself.

It’s a must for lovers of tantric initiation.”

Ma Ananda Sarita

World Renowned Tantra Teacher and Author of ‘Divine Sexuality’ and ‘Tantra Alchemy’

“This book was born as a channeled gift, transcending time and space, and speaking directly to the heart and soul of all beings.

Practice the techniques outlined within its pages and discover timeless truth.”

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