Magdalena Mystika

Join us on a heart-opening online journey

exploring Mary Magdalene’s sacred sites in the South of France.

MagdalenA Mystika is a 4 week online initiation into MAria MagdalenA’s mysteries.

featuring 4 x 2-hour online livestream channeling events from the magdalena lands in the south of france

It will include guided meditations and healings recorded in the Holy Caves of Magdalena, and other ancient Magdalena power spots.

Open your heart to receive transmissions of Magdalena’s frequency of love

Connect to the energy of various sacred sites connected to Magdalene

Learn the truth about spiritual teachings that have been hidden from the public for almost 2000 years.

Guided by Kiya Ankara, channel and author of the # 1 best-selling book

‘Magdalena’s Tales – My Secret Life as a Priestess’



ready to illuminate their life and heal more deeply



who yearn to journey deeper into the heart temple


If you yearn to connect deeper with your heart,
let Magdalena show you how to enter
the tender-most realms of the heart’s temple

Are you feeling…

  • A desire to take a break from ‘day-to-day’ life?
  • A disconnection from your heart?
  • A cut-off from your spiritual nature?
  • A lack of spiritual community?
  • A sense of being stuck in the humdrum of daily life?
  • A yearning for something more?

 Then join us on this immersive initiation

Are you longing for…

  • An initiation into heart opening
  • A journey of deep healing with Magdalena’s wisdom?
  • A month full of joy, love and peace?
  • A connection to ancient power spots for potent transmissions. 
  • A deep experience of Magdalene’s loving guidance
  • A deeper insight into Mary Magdalene’s life, her ways of practice and the historical places dedicated to her truth?

    Then come beloved, and join us for this opening into the heart temple

Discover the truth
about Mary Magdalene and Yeshua (Jesus) and their lovestory

  • true story suppressed by the bible,
  • Talking about the biggest (tantric?) secret being hidden from the public

Learn about Saintes-marie-de-la-mer, the arrival site of mary magdalene in france

Following the crucifixion and the resurrection, Legends tell of Mary Magdalena and her entourage leaving the lands of Jerusalem and Galilee, and journeying far, questing for a place of greater safety.

In the end they journeyed to France by boat, and Saintes-Marie-De-La-Mer is said to be the arrival point of Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Joseph of Arimathea and Mary and Yeshua’s children. 

Famously known for its wild horses, and for its sites connected to the Black Madonna (believed by some to be the depiction of a black Isis holding her child Horus), we will discover and uncover the sacred heart of this small coastal community. 

heal the wounds of the persecution (from this life or others)

Inspired by Yeshua and Magdalena, the Cathar’s of the Montsegur region became infamous for defying the dictates and beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church. Tolerated for a time, ultimately they came to be seen as a threat to the Church’s power in that region.

Sadly this ultimately lead to claims of heresy, culminating in the inquisition laying siege to the Cathar region, killing gnostics by the hundred, burning them on funeral pyres, all in the name of the Church.

The Cathar’s retreated to their final stronghold, a remote Castle-Temple high up in the Pyrenees. After 10 months of siege the Catholics won, leaving untold gnostics dead. What is the connection to Mary Magdalene? These gnostics also embraced a profoundly mystical path that in some ways was similar to Mary and Yeshua. There will be some deep healing work here, connected to our collective trauma of being the persecutors or the persecuted. If we bring our hearts, this healing has the potential to go incredibly deeply.  

Receive recordings channeled from inside The Mary Magdalene Holy Cave in the Saint Baume area

  • In the Saint Baum area there are two caves. One is today a Christian monastery that receives visitors from all across the world.
  • But there is another cave, hidden within nature, and hard to find unless you know where you are going. 
  • This cave is said to be the final home and cave temple that Mary Magdalene retreated to for the later years of her life.
  • Imbued with spiritual power and prayer from her, and from thousands of years of sacred visitors, the ‘Cave of Eggs’ as it is known, will be a key stop off point on our journey.
  • Together we will enter into the cave together, meditate and drop into deep silence.
  • From out of that silence, I will see what Mary Magdalene would like to share with us, a powerful transmission from this ancient power spot.

Join Magdalena Mystika and receive these amazing free bonuses!


Magdalena’s Tales (Book 1: Initiations)
Discover Magdalene’s life as an Isis priestess.

Wild Holy Lovers Audio 
A channeled message from Magdalene about her time as the beloved partner of Yeshua, set to music by Charlie Roscoe.

Come Join a new kind of heart connected,
deeply embodied, Magdalena-infused Sunday Service!

Each Magdalena Mystika initiation is 2 hours per week, every Sunday starting 24th September. We will only be offering one timezone, which should align for Europe / America / Canada. Bali and Oz its a bit late! Catch the replays if you need to! 


UK 5pm

USA EST 12 midday
USA PST 9 am
Bali-Singapore-Perth 12 midnight (Sunday/Monday)


UK 5pm

USA EST 12 midday
USA PST 9 am
Bali-Singapore-Perth 12 midnight (Sunday/Monday)


UK 5pm

USA EST 12 midday
USA PST 9 am
Bali-Singapore-Perth 12 midnight (Sunday/Monday)


UK 5pm

USA EST 12 midday
USA PST 9 am
Bali-Singapore-Perth 12 midnight (Sunday/Monday)

what you will Receive when joining MagdalenA Mystika




I wholeheartedly recommend learning from, through and with Kiya. I experienced him as a wise Brother, a devoted custodian of the Ancient Alchemical Wisdom. He shared from a place of reverence, vast knowledge and experience, with much ease, sense of humor, humility and caring. He held a safe, balanced, grounded yet multidimensional space where all of us were welcomed to share the good, the bad, the ugly, the holy and the beautiful without any judgement. I am grateful for our connection, looking forward to our next gathering.


Kiya is an incredible, powerful, open-hearted and clear teacher. I resonate deeply with the ways he’s always making sure that the healing lineage and practices are honored, while adapting words and techniques to align with the people receiving and giving the healing energy. I highly recommend Kiya’s work, whether you simply want to learn deeply, or want to join the sacred lineage of healers as part of your work.”

Hannah Lucas Goldberg, Professional Dancer & Transformation Coach

“Kiya is a gifted space holder, and led his Level 1 Egyptian Initiation beautifully. He is clearly knowledgable about the significance and potency of the Ankh, and truly embodies these mysteries and teachings. It was an informative, transportive, and playful day. I felt the integration continue to unfold powerfully over the next several days (and am sure it will continue to reveal more!). I’m looking forward to attending Level 2!”

Tim Griffiths, Psychotherapy Student

“I’ve been working with Kiya for a couple of months through one to ones to help shift sexual trauma, bring me back into my body and to help induce orgasmic states. I’ve really connected to these ancient breathwork practices, which have literally transformed my life in so many ways. My confidence, my ability to speak, I’ve been doing loads more videos and showing my face and speaking and singing and since I’ve been doing this breathwork. I really believe in what Kiya’s doing, and the medicine he’s bringing to so many people in the world.”

Maria, Egyptian Doctor

“Kiya is a pure channel, I have experienced powerful encounters and teachings from Isis, The Hathors and Mary Magdalene that flow easily through him. I have remembered several past lives, been initiated and activated on multi-dimensional levels. I’ve learnt vast spiritual tools for personal healing and for healing others. Kiya also helped me deeply uproot feelings of shame and guilt, to help catapult my spiritual progress. I have experienced phenomenal breakthroughs… it’s life changing!” 

Larissa Smith, Tantra and Embodiment Teacher

“Kiya has a way of taking me home, deeper into my heart and expanding with the beloved… expanding my mind & energy body to open up and receive more love”

Meet your teacher – Kiya Ankara

I’m Kiya, and I am super passionate about Isis, Magdalena, and the spiritual practices once used in the ancient temples thousands of years ago.

I started teaching ecstatic dance 15 years ago, then I moved into breathwork, and then tantra. I’ve guided groups of up to 150 people into ecstasy, and I also offer deep dive 1-to-1 trainings and initiations.

Breathwork is the heart of almost everything I teach – it is the fuel – the fire – that can ignite you, open you, awaken you, and bring you breath-by-breath into more expanded states of holy union.

This new offer is the first time I am broadcasting live whilst on pilgrimage. I’ll be bringing my insights week by week and sharing them directly with you. I don’t know what will pour through, but I know that Magdalene has a lot to share. 

This is a unique chance to be initiated by Magdalena, streamed directly to you from ancient lands that were the dwelling place of Magdalena for her remaining years.  They will invite all of us to step ever deeper into the eternal heart, to find the Kingdom that dwells within, and has forever been awaiting our return. 

This may change your life profoundly and tenderly, as we breathe our way into the Holy Grail union, the beloved union within our own temple, or the beloved union we may share with another. 

As Magdalena says: “Come my love. Let us journey together into the tender most heart to rediscover the Kingdom anew each and every day. This is the way, this has always and forever shall be The Way.”


To find out if Magdalena Mystika is for you

(or if there is something else that could align

even more with your needs)


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I’ve not done initiations before. What will happen?

An initiation can include meditations, guided visualisation, breath or sound practices to guide you into a deeper state of connection with yourself. It can be very powerful and it can change your life in different ways. In every moment you are welcome to follow the guidance if it feels good to you, and to not follow it if it does not feel right for you. Thus you will receive the perfect initiation that is resonate with who you are and what you might need. 

What is channeling? And is it safe?

During the live channeling events Kiya will guide everyone into some chants and some meditation so that we collectively shift into an expanded state of consciousness. Once we are there as a group, he will invite in the presence of Magdalena, listening to receive her words and relaying them as they come.

He does not know in advance what will come, but whenever Magdalena comes it is very powerful. This is how he received all of the content with his best-selling book Magdalena’s Tales (available on Amazon if you want to take a look at it!).

Different people have different opinions on channeling. Really it is the same as receiving any teaching from any spiritual teaching. Listen and allow the words to pass through your heart, mind and consciousness. Receive and keep that which resonates, and allow anything that does not resonate to be released!  

I'm a beginner to Mary Magdalene, is this online event for me?

YES! This online event is suitable for you if you have a curiosity about the Rose Lineage, Mary Magdalene’s true past or learning about the history of pre-Christian Mysticism. Let us recognise that Yeshua was not intending to create Christianity, he was interested to share mystic teachings with everyone. Christianity came after him.

If you are someone who identifies as a Christian, some of the information within this training might contradict what you have learnt. That said, if you are open to exploring new information and seeing if it resonates with you, you are still welcome.

If you are still not sure if this is right for you, send me a pm on whatsapp or instagram and we can discuss if it’s a good fit or not.

I am already familiar with the energy of Mary Magdalene and the Rose Lineage, are these events for me?

YES! There are so many aspects and dimensions to these teachings, so even if you feel you have been in this lineage for a long time, there will still be more layers and aspects to explore.

If you have worked mainly with female guides and teachers thus far, you may also find it powerful and healing to receive Rose Lineage teachings from Kiya – there are not many men (yet) who are teaching within this lineage. This too may be part of the healing process – to receive these teachings in a new way – through this one who has been born into a male body.

I don't know if I trust Magdalene’s energy and teachings. Some say they're untrue and should be avoided. Any thoughts?

If some are saying these teachings are untrue, firstly it could be good to ask: Does their worldview resonate with you? Do you sense their view on Magdalene or Yeshua fits with your beliefs or not? 

Are they vehement that their way is the right way and all other ways should be avoided? Are they fixed within a framework that limits the free expression of new ideas? If so, you can choose if this alternative approach we are offering is a match for you. 

To be clear – we welcome anyone of any spiritual lineage – so long as they are open to considering a viewpoint that once, historically, would have been deemed as heretical! 

In this 21st century, I believe we should all be free to look into alternative views to the ones presented as Truth by the Roman Empire, and the Christianity that continues to this day as part of that legacy.


This content is heretical, why should I look into it?

As the Roman Empire chose to embrace Christianity as the state religion (from 313 onwards), there was a key moment where they had to decide what the beliefs and ideas were that were the foundations of that faith. There were many diverse and differing viewpoints.

From this, and most especially at the Council of Nicaea (325 AD) they decided what was acceptable within the teachings of Christianity and what was not.

Let us also consider that the Roman Empire had many lands and many people within their scope of power. It was easier for them to have people who followed their orders rather than question them.

They did not want 1 million people following in the footsteps of Christ and questioning their way of doing things. They wanted people to acquiesce to their way.

As a result, the gnostic teachings – which emphasised direct connection to God – were deemed heretical. The teachings embraced as canonical were the ones that encouraged people to rely on the church and the priest as their salvation. And encouraged them to give money to that system through donations.

As a result the Church grew rich and powerful. Anything that invited direct connection to God was suppressed. The texts found at Nag Hammadi are examples of the texts and teachings that Rome tried to destroy, because it was encouraging people to connect to their own inner authority, or to connect directly to God through mystical experience. This ran contrary to what the empire wanted from their subjects.

Should you look into heretical texts? If you have an open mind you might find incredible teachings within them. We’re living in different times now. These teachings are for you, if you resonate with them.   

I can’t join all the Live Channeling Events, is that a problem?

If you can join us live that is ideal. You can then ask questions, be right there with your peer group, and feel the power of the live transmission.

And as we all know, life brings other commitments at times, which you may have to honor. If that is the case for you, bear in mind that all Magdalene Mystika events will be recorded, so you can always catch the replay in your own time.

Can I ask questions during the Magdalene Mystika Channeling Events?

Yes. There are Q & A sections  during which everyone is welcome to ask questions. At other times – during a meditation for example – this would not be the moment to throw out a question.

You’ll be told clearly when the Q & A time is and then you are super welcome to ask any question that comes to you.  

I’m excited, yet still a bit nervous to embark on this journey. Is this normal?

Yes, this is very normal. I felt nervous too when I first started exploring the world of spirituality.  It can feel a little edgy to dive into anything new, even when you KNOW you really want to go for it. Often the edge is where all the growth is! 

I can promise you it’s worth it and I’m here to support you along the way. If you need a little bit of support, feel free to send me a dm on instagram and share your hesitation. Let’s talk about it and feel into the root of the hesitation. There might be some gold hiding there! 

I’m very sensitive to energy, are these initiations for me?

Being sensitive to energy puts you at an advantage. You will likely have a powerful experience. If at any point it starts to feel like too much you can let go of any practice or technique we might be working with and just rest and allow yourself to ground. 

I’m happy to share some tools to help you integrate the energy more efficiently, and if you want you can reach out in advance and we can talk about these tools. I’m here to support you along the way so feel free to dm on instagram or WhatsApp to discuss.

I have another question? Where do I ask it?

You can ask me anything on WhatsApp or through instagram DM.