Learn THE roadmap to write your Next-Level Book

We teach spiritual guides, mind-body-spirit teachers and self development experts how to write a next-level inspirational book within 12 weeks!

In this 12-week online training for spiritual guides,
mind body spirit teachers, and personal development experts, you will…

  • Learn a roadmap from #1 best-selling author Kiya Ankara, and follow the steps to navigate with ease through your book creation process.

  • Get personal feedback from Kiya on the vision, content, structure and editing of your book.

  • Find ways to tap into the flow state to generate the bulk of your book super fast.

  • Discover techniques to align heart with soul so your book is super connected to your most expanded self.

  • Learn the wise ways to editing – that save you tons of time in the creative process.

  • Find out how to get your book published & seen by the world!


A Spiritual Guide or Teacher

who knows their subject
and are ready to pour it into book form


A Personal Development Guide

ready to turn their wisdom into a book
that becomes their calling card


Are you feeling…

  • Unsure how to clarify the vision for your book?
  • Uncertain where to start in writing your epic tome?
  • Frozen by writers block and unsure how to get out of the freezer?
  • Lost without some kind of map to give you directions?
  • Afraid you can’t write that many words?
  • Fearful your book idea may never get seen by the world?
  • Paranoid you may not even have a powerful message to share?

Are you desiring…

  • To learn tools to speed up your writing progress?
  • To discover how to find your flow state of writing?
  • To make the writing process more easeful and fun?
  • To engage the whole brain in your creative process?
  • To find ways to speed up your editing?
  • To have a supportive community of authors at the same stage as you?
  • To discover if self-publishing or traditional publishing is best for you?

Do you have a book you want to write, but you’re unsure how to get it written?

Are you passionate about a subject,
but unclear how to channel that into book form?

Are you daunted by the idea of writing
something soooo freaking long?!

Are you unsure how to get that great idea from your head, heart or soul into a book that’s ready to be published? 

If you answered yes to any of the above,
this online course could be for you!

For most people, the idea of writing a book feels daunting.
Let’s be honest; it can be a lot of work to write a book.
It can also be challenging to structure that knowledge
so it delivers a clear stream of information,
gradually deepening someone’s understanding of a subject. 

How do you keep it interesting? 
How can you take people on a journey?
How do you avoid regurgitating other people’s teachings?
We’ll answer all these questions and more.

What’s the most important thing

I could teach any aspiring writer?

That writing is all about the rewriting. 

Writing is ALL about Re-Writing.

Writing IS Rewriting!

That’s so key I had to repeat it three times,

editing my way to the essential point as I went! 


Every published author understands that writing is a journey of 

crafting & shaping their vision…

Writing is about chiselling a stream of consciousness 

into greater and greater clarity…

Therefore, your writing doesn’t need to be perfect the first time… 


 But back when I was a newbie writer,
I used to think I had to get it
perfect from day one. 

Talk about pressure!

That’s enough to freeze you in your tracks! 

It’s also the fast track to writer’s block. 

I know because I’ve been there, stuck as f@ck!

A Prisoner of my own Perfectionism.  

Gradually, over years of Writing Wrongly,

I realised I didn’t need to be perfect the first time.

In fact, I could even get a bit messy,

knowing I’m gonna clean it all up on drafts 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7.

This is the ‘craft’ some writers talk about.

There is both art & craft to writing in fact.

AND if you want a Next-Level book,

you can infuse it with Divine Inspiration too!

If you unsure about how to do that, I can share with you all the ways that work for me, and help you find your ways to start creating your Next-Level Book. 

What if you could set off on a writer’s creative journey with me? Within it I lay out a roadmap for writing any non-fiction book…

But hang on a sec… who on earth am I?

My name’s Kiya and I’ve been writing for 30 years, ever since I started writing stories to turn into short films as a spotty teenager! 

In my 20’s I moved into making documentaries professionally, from 5 minute shorts to feature length docs. Then one day an idea for a meditation  book came like a seed. It planted itself inside me and I just could not stop thinking about it.  

It wanted to grow. It wanted to be told. 

In the end, I had to surrender to letting that book pour through. 

That was my first ever non-fiction book. 

It never saw the light of day, but OMGoddess I learnt so much from it… 

Including How Not to Write a Book! 

I wrote with no clear structure, and was left with a messy mass of wisdom which I struggled to shape into something with a clear direction. 

Over the years I kept writing for the love of it, and because I knew I was destined to become a published author. It felt scary to step out as an author, and honestly, I should have done it years ago.

Finally in  the past 2 years, I became the best-selling author of ‘Egyptian Tantric Secrets’ which was recognized by some of the leading teachers in tantra today. Last year I launched ‘Magdalena’s Tales’, which also became a best-seller.  

I want to share with you how I ‘downloaded’ those books – and how you can download yours too! (either from your whole brain, your higher self or the infinite source!).

This is my # 1 best-selling book ‘Egyptian Tantric Secrets’
recommended by some of the biggest names in tantra…

This is my other # 1 best-seller ‘Magdalena’s Tales’

Through this 12-week journey you will learn:

Week 1: How to Receive the Vision for your Book 

Week 2: How to Download your Chapter Structure

Week 3: How to Pour through your Individual Chapter Overviews

Week 4: How to Discover your Flow State of Writing

Week 5-8: How to Write 50,000 Words in 1 Month
(AKA The Writing Spirit Challenge)

Week 9: How to Start with Bigger Picture Editing
(AKA The Sword is Mightier than the Pen)

Week 10: How to Line Edit like a Ninja

Week 11: How to use Precision Word Changes to Sharpen your Message

Week 12: How to Get Your Book Out into the World


Payment plans available during checkout!

Choose to pay $444 at once or in installments of $111, $222


Week 1 – seeding the vision

There are so many ways to write a book, they are almost infinite! Is it your personal journey? Or is it bunch of your favourite recipes, tools or spiritual practices? Is it presenting a ground-breaking new theory of how we can see the world? Or sharing wisdom through the vehicle of a mythic story? 

By looking at other best-selling authors and their books we will be inspired by them as we muse upon

– How can you best shape your message so it communicates to others? 

– How can you light other people up through the power of your words?

– How do you take others on a journey? 

– How can you involve them fully in the adventure?  

But firstly, we need the seed of the idea, if we intend to grow a mighty forest of books from it!

During this week we will discover ways to vision for our entire book, using meditation and visioning processes to dial into our heart and soul and discover the seed of this book you are here to write

It’s the picture you see in your mind eye… of the baby that wants to birth through you. That is the seed. That is your beginning! 

Once seen we summarise the idea into a sentence, or maybe even a paragraph (or a few pages). From this tiny seed your entire book will grow! 

Week 2 – Discovering your chapter structure

Once upon a time, I set off for a grand adventure into the Big Fat Forest of Writing. I wanted to write about How to Meditate in the City. I wrote until there were so many pages I almost drowned under them! 

But what I’d forgotten along the way was to create a clear chapter structure. It’s like the secret map that guides you to Eden. Because if you don’t know where you’re going, you might lose yourself in the Big Fat Forest. But if you have a map – with an X that marks the spot of where you want to guide your reader to – then it’s about 77% easier to write your book! Believe me (and my failed meditation book that never saw the light of day!).

How do you know what your chapter structure might look like? Because you know about your seed and its vast potential. You also know your subject… or you should do. If you don’t, it’s time to dive into some research to get ready. 

OR switch the subject to something you know about

OR get ready for a serious up-leveling by directly downloading knowledge from the Gods, the Goddesses or Higher Consciousness itself!  

As we draft our structure we work out the optimum trail of golden nuggets we could scatter to guide our reader all the way to the pot of gold you have for them. 

Week 3 – Detailed chapter downloads

Now we zoom into the writing of an individual chapter, and within that, we’ll look at…

What might fit into each chapter? How long should any one chapter be?

What kind of things might you fit into a chapter?

Are there practices, tools and techniques?

Is it pure theory? If it is theory, how do you keep it interesting? 

We’ll look at specific examples of successful books within the realm of mind body spirit and personal development, and what they have covered in their chapters. Then we get you working on your own unique chapter structure, to download the next level of overview content.

At this stage we start flying closer to the terrain, to the detail. Are there key points you have to cover to discuss a subject? If so, what are they?

Can Chat GPT or other AI tools help in any way, or should you run from them with a mad dash? How can you best brainstorm to start filling in the details, drawing from your extensive knowledge? I’ll give you tools for brainstorming so you start filling out the detail for each chapter.

This is the detailed map of the terrain, so you start seeing it in 3D (or 5D, 7D or 9D depending on your reality filters!)

Week 4 – Discover your Flow-State of writing

I believe EVERYONE has a state of flow they can enter into. If you can find your optimum way to enter the flow state for your writing, you can Next-Level your writing output.

Sometimes the world falls away and there are an endless succession of words pouring through you. Perhaps it feels like it’s from you, perhaps it feels like it’s inspired by the muse or simply by all you know. Or perhaps it feels like the universe is hooking you up to the most amazing source of infinite wisdom. It may not feel like it’s from you, but it’s pouring through you. This is the flow state.

Meditation, breathwork, dance, I’ve used plenty of tools over the years to get me into a flow state of consciousness before I write. Why? Because when I do, some amazing things pour through me…. like the first draft of Egyptian Tantric Secrets which poured through me in 9 days. 80,000 words. 9 days. Seriously. I’d never written as much as that in my life. But I was in the zone. I was in da flow! And you can be too!

Once you find your way to enter the flow, then you’ll know how to utilise the higher mind and the whole brain to bring about some Next-Level Content… after all, shouldn’t we be engaging all parts of ourselves in this creation process? When you do, you begin pouring out paragraph after paragraph. Don’t worry about getting the words perfect when you are in Creation’s First Flow. That all comes in the editing. Right now, ITS ALL ABOUT DA FLOW!

Week 5 to 8 – the writing sprint challenge

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to write 50,000 words in one month!

Honestly, I freaked out when I first heard that idea. 50,000 words in a month?! Are you crazy?!  

Many years ago, I heard about ‘NaNoWriMo’ AKA The National Writers Month Challenge. Their challenge is to write a 50,000 word novel in a month. But that challenge works just as well for non-fiction writers like you and me. 

It sounds like a lot of words, right? Except, is it really?  Let’s do some math and see… divide 50,000 words by 30 days = 1666 words per day to hit your target.

Now think about that a bit more… can you write 1666 words in a day? Of course you can! In fact most people can probably write 1666 words in 1 or 2 hours… well… so long as you don’t let your Inner Perfectionist Over Analyse Everything to Death!

I have some Secret Keys to help you side step that Inner Perfectionist to enable you to write at speed. 

Once you learn how to park the perfectionist, you are ready to sprint – download – or channel your first draft into existence! 

Payment plans available during checkout!

Week 9 – The Big Picture Edit
(AKA the sword is mightier than the pen)

Now you have a bunch of wonderful words on the page. It might well be rough around the edges, and that’s totally fine because now we begin to edit.

Fair warning: editing can take a whole lot longer than the writing sprint. AND – the more time you spend honing and polishing your diamond, the more it will shine upon its final unveiling to the world!

How do we start honing our words? Firstly, we look from the bigger picture view, not getting lost sentence by sentence. Instead we look chapter by chapter and paragraph by paragraph at the content and assess: is this useful? Is it not? Is it essentially a repetition of the previous paragraph? In which case, can I condense the two into one and save some time?

It’s like we’re reading someone else’s work and we take our little red pen and make some notes in the margins like this:

‘This could be clearer.’ ‘This is a repeat of the last paragraph – merge the two.’

‘Do I need this meditation practice here or should I move it?’

This bit here I’m getting bored. Can I make it more engaging?  

ESSENTIAL KEY: This is not a line edit. That’s another stage of the editing process. This is broad stroke editing. Why does it help to edit broad to start with? Because it can save TONNES of time in the edit further down the line.  

Week 10 – How to line edit like a ninja

Now we start getting way more pedantic! We welcome back our Inner Perfectionist, who can now have a veritable Perfectionist Party!

Line by line we ask & analyse…. is that as clear as it could be? Could it be clearer?

Is that sentence a bit too wordy? Do I need to tighten it up?

We look at how to CRAFT our sentences, to make them the most coherent and powerful transmission possible. Or the clearest & most succinct conversation.

Not beating around the bush, we go straight to the heart of the message. At this stage, I will work with you, reading some of your work if you consent to this.

We’ll go through and analyze how to improve your sentence structure. How to take what you have and polish it, making it the strongest possible delivery of your information, without losing the essential message. 

We focus in on ‘How Can I Clarify My Point Even More?’

This is when we lovingly transform the rough gem stone of the first draft into a perfect diamond, gradually polishing it towards perfection. 

Week 11 – the finest detail (precision edits to sharpen your message)

Now we zoom in even closer to the power of the word. The potency of recognizing how one single word can have a massive impact on everyone’s understanding of what’s being talked about. We look at that through examples from our own texts – yours and mine – and through analysis of how other authors have written and communicated to their audience.

The power of the word – don’t take it for granted! For in a single word is contained a universe. If every single word is a spell – in which we are SPELLING OUT – weaving magic with our words…. then what magic are you weaving with the power of your words? Here we connect in with Thoth, Egyptian God of Writing & Wisdom, to feel the deeper spiritual transmission of the power of the word. 

Will using the word ‘God’ enamour your audience? Or set them running for the hills? Will using the term ‘phantasmagorical’ make your reader want to read on, or lose them completely?

Are you speaking to someone who already knows about personal development or a total newbie? Because you may need a very different language depending on who it is you are speaking to.

The more you understand your ideal reader, the easier it becomes to speak to them. Maybe you know who you’re speaking to because you meet them regularly through your work. Or maybe you need to go find some ideal readers and see if your language is really connecting with them.

Week 12 – how to get your book out into the world

In this final week, we look at how to get your book out into the world. We will consider the 3 main options available to you:

  • Pitch to Agents
  • Seek out a Publisher
  • Or Self-Publish

So long as your book gets out into the world in some way – that is the most important factor. We look at the advantages and disadvantages of the different options of self-publishing versus traditional publishing. We weigh up the pros and cons of each so you can start making your own personal decision on which one is best for you.

For those interested to pitch to publishers or agents, I’ll provide you with templates and a breakdown of submission requirements, including sample query letters, book proposals, and marketing summaries you need to prepare to pitch for large-scale publication.

For those interested to self-publish I’ll share with you how I do it. I’ll walk you through my book cover and interior design process. I’ll show you the tools I work with that help me as a writer and publisher. I’ll share with you my experience of publishing on Amazon and other platforms – and how to go about making your book a #1 best-seller.

Payment plans available during checkout!


KNOW YOU ARE NOT ALONE ON YOUR writing journey…  

If you’re a yes to it, we will identify someone in our online course group to buddy you up with. You’ll be able to support one another as you navigate through your writing process, sharing wins and challenges. You’ll also be there for one another if either of you gets stuck in their creative process and need a compassionate ear to speak to, or a sounding board for anything.

As we journey towards having something written and polished – be it a few chapters or even more – we open to the possibility of getting feedback from our buddy or from others we respect. 

Before we open to giving and receiving feedback, we get clear as a group on how best to give helpful, constructive criticism to support another writer. We also look at how to avoid harsh criticism. This can be hurtful or even damaging to any writer’s journey towards being published. So, we’ll nip that in the bud before its even showed its ugly (and uncreative) head.

We’ll find the most loving ways to help one another become better writers. With this kind of supportive feedback, we move ever closer towards publication.

There may still be a long way to finish your entire book, but we are right on the path, and we are moving ever forwards with our creation! 


It takes PASSION, a GOOD IDEA, and PATIENCE to write a next-level book. AND… I believe you can do it. Otherwise you would not have read all the way to here! I believe it so much so, I want to offer you a money-back guarantee…

If by the end of the training you have not taken a Significant Step Forward in your Writing Process, I will give you your money back. Pinkie promise! 

Payment plans available during checkout!

Choose to pay $444 at once or in installments of $111, $222

WHEN DO WE START? (4th/5th APRIL 2024)

LEVEL 1 STARTS (4 weeks)
Preparing to Write

Thursday 4th April
8 pm EST/5pm PST

Friday 5th April 8 am


Thursday 11th April  (4 weeks)

LEVEL 2 STARTS (4 weeks)
The Writing Sprint Challenge

This is your time to pour through as many words as possible, either aiming for the 50,000 word target or setting your own target. 

Thursday 2nd May

Friday 3rd May


LEVEL 3 STARTS (4 weeks)
Editing & Publication

Thursday 30th May
8 pm EST/5pm PST

Friday 31st May 8 am


Thursday 6th June  (4 weeks)

“This is what people say about my latest

book Magdalena’s Tales

Testimonials from Modern Day Priestesses & Teachers

What a gift to be able to have a front row seat to the incredible journey of Mary Magdalene as she discovered herself as priestess to Isis. To know that even an ascended master also had to tread her path as human, in a process of awakening and revelation that demands the same blind faith and deep self trust that we are all called to as seekers, priestesses, mystics who are willing to heed the call of soul mission, of service to humanity and its evolution.

As a priestess of Isis I identified with her and received so much solace for my own struggles with disorientation, confusion, the fear of betraying family, resisting the pressure of cultural norms and expectations; all portrayed here form the point of view of the young Magdalena seen as rebel, seen as misfit, a problem child.

I hope this book can help a wider audience to better understand the truth of this magnificent being and what she had to face in order to fulfill her destiny as not only the partner of Yeshua but the powerful anchor of feminine Christ consciousness that is reawakening now in these times of Earth’s regeneration.

Carina Alencar


Hi my name is Leah Sonaria and I am here in Seva, Egypt, at the beautiful Oracle temple, a very sacred site.

I just wanted to share my praises for Kiya and his work. I just finished reading Magdalene’s Tales and it was such an illuminating transmission into the life of Mary Magdalene before she met Yeshua.

It’a about her path of becoming a priestess and how she was able to come to Egypt, and Alexandria, and learn how to be in these sacred alchemical arts and practice them, and all the initiations that she went through.

It was so illuminating and it’s such a gift to be able to receive this direct transmission which is lost knowledge, but it has really filled in the gaps for me in understanding my own priestess path.

So thank you Kiya for the amazing work, and I can’t wait for the next book to come through. Many blessings to you. Make sure you grab your copy when you can!

Leah Sonaria


Payment plans available during checkout!

Choose to pay $444 at once or in installments of $111, $222



To find out if this course is for you


Your Title Goes Here


Can I pay in installments?

Yes you can. We can split the payment in 2, over the first 2 months of our journey, or into 3 parts, over 3 months. Send me a pm on WhatsApp or instagram if you would like to make use of that!

What if I get stuck in my creative process?

Part of the creative process is learning how to get yourself unstuck! I got struck in my writing so many times over so many years, and along the way I found ways to get unstuck. So I can share with you what worked for me, and that may well help you too.

If for any reason you remain creatively stuck throughout our time together, you can still join all the classes. They may lead to a brand new book idea for which you have boundless excitement and ideas, so there are many ways out of writer’s block – sometimes it can be as simple as shelving one idea and starting fresh on something else (knowing you can always return to that other idea some other time). Don’t let the fear of Writer’s Block hold you back from joining us!

I've got no idea what I want to write. Can I still join the course?

YES! This online program is suitable for you if you are open to being inspired, and discovering step-by-step what you might write about. We will focus in on that during week 1, exploring multiple ideas that we might each have for books, before honing in on the one that might light you up the most.

If you are still not sure if this is right for you, send me a pm on whatsapp or instagram and we can discuss if this course is a good fit for you.

I've got a half-written book - is this training for me?

Yes! We can definitely support you to hone your book, and help you take it further, from wherever you are in your creative process. Level 3 – the editing stage – will be especially helpful in supporting you to polish you text, bringing it ever closer to perfection. And you could using the writing sprint time to go from half a book to a whole first draft… that will give you 1 Giant Leap towards a completed book!

If you are still not sure if this is the right program for you, send me a pm on whatsapp or instagram, let’s discuss!

I've got a book in the editing process. Can your course help me?

It depends what stage of the editing process you are in. For example, if you have done many re-drafts and now you just need final spell checking and grammar, this course is not going to help all that much with that final polish. A copyeditor would be more useful. If you are at an early draft stage this course could be super helpful. Or if you are faced with a major re-draft we could help you with that. Alternatively, maybe you want to use this course to start generating ideas for a brand new book, as a little side-project as your other book is being polished. This could be a great way to get the most out of this course.

I can’t join all the Live Initiations, is that a problem?

Whenever you can, come join us live. That way you can ask questions specific to your book, be right there with the support of your peer group, and feel the power of the shared creative field. All that said, life brings other commitments at times. If that is the case, all training sessions will be recorded, so you can always catch the replay in your own time. Ideally stay on track week by week, so you don’t fall behind.

I'm in Europe so I can't join the livestreams - am I missing out?

If you’re in Europe, you will get full access to the replay of the class, and 6 days to watch it in. We then have our own European timing Q&A time. As a result any questions specific to your book you can still ask LIVE during that time. NOTE: be sure to watch the replay during the 6 days so you can ask questions relevant to our weekly focus. 

Am I expected to share my writing with others?

You are not required to share anything from your writing, unless you want to. Anything you do share will be held in confidence and is not shared outside the group. 

There will be options to read some of your words aloud now and then. This is good prep for sharing your book with the world in the future! But if you do not want to read for any reason, this its absolutely fine. Or if you feel more comfortable for someone else reading out your words, we can figure that out. Sharing your words can be edgy for some, so I want to encourage everyone to lean into that edge, but I am never going to push anyone to do something they don’t want to do. 

How interactive are the online group meetings?

These online trainings are designed to be interactive, with the recognition that we are, week by week, focusing on a specific area of the book writing process. Within that we will have Q&A sections where you can ask me anything related to book writing, or specifically to your creative process or the book you are working on.

Everyone works differently in their creative process, so I can share with you my learnings and the tools and techniques I have picked up along the way. You can try them out and see if they work for you. I’ll give you a bunch of tools, so you can cherry pick the ones that work for you, and chuck the others out! Or leave them for future reference!

Can I ask questions specific to my book or creative process?

DEFINITELY! Please do! Every single book is unique, and may bring with it very unique questions that we can all learn from as fellow writers. This is the magic of book writing – there are many ways to write, many ways to express ideas, and many ways to navigate any challenges that arise during the creative process. So please bring any questions about writing in general or that are super specific to your book.

I’m really daunted by the 50,000 word challenge. What if I can't do it?

I too was daunted by the 50,000 word challenge when I first heard about it. The challenge is there to inspire us, but if you come back after 1 month with 25,000 words that’s amazing too! Or 10,000! So long as you have something you can take into the next stage of editing and polishing that is the most important thing. There will not be any prizes for hitting the 50,000 words, apart from the prize you might give yourself if you hit that milestone! But if you don’t it’s absolutely fine. Some writers write fast, while others – including published author Tom Robbins – are famous for writing slow. So don’t worry about your word count. Focus on what will light your creative fires during the 1 month of creativity!

I can promise you it’s worth it to shoot for the 50,000 words and miss, than to not attempt anything at all! And I’m here to support you along the way. Feel free to send me a dm and share your hesitation if you want to talk about it.

Can you give me detailed feedback on my writing?

Since we will be in a group setting, I can give you detailed feedback on the level of the big picture idea for your book and how to go about shaping, structing and improving it.

As we roll into the editing phase of the course, I can make detailed notes on a few pages of your writing, which can be super helpful to see how or what I would go about editing and polishing.

For those that want detailed line notes on chapters, we would need to discuss an additional fee for this since it is time-consuming work which is additional to what we are covering on the course. PM me to discuss this on WhatsApp or through instagram DM. 

Can you give me detailed notes on my entire book?

Detailed feedback notes, chapter by chapter on an entire book is a lot of work, so this is outside the scope of the course. PM me on WhatsApp or through instagram DM to discuss my recommendation for copyeditors who might be able to help you with this. 

I have another question - where do I ask it?

You can ask me anything on WhatsApp or through instagram DM. Feel free to reach out!