Egyptian Tantric Secrets

Teacher Training 


One-to-One Apprenticeships

Here at Mystika we offer personalized apprenticeship training, tailored to your personal growth and development as a spiritual teacher.

With over 15 years of experience as a spiritual teacher and over 30 years as a student, Kiya understands the importance of providing a strong foundation in the practicalities of teaching, as well as the tools and techniques needed for you to effectively share transformative teachings with others.

At Mystika we believe the world needs more teachers offering from a deeply embodied, heart centered and soul connected place. This is our focus at Mystika – to support a new generation of next-level Egyptian Tantra teachers.


Not all Trainings Teach you
to Teach!

Some trainings may show you many tools, techniques and practices, and yet they may not teach you the fundamentals of how to teach, or how to best convey teachings to others. When you have learnt to an optimum level you will be able to guide powerful initiations, activations and truly life-changing experiences.

A cornerstone of this, is supporting you to deepen into your spiritual embodiment path. Once embodied, then you can transmit to others. So part of this journey focuses on supporting you to establish your own personal practice and direct connection/communion with all that you believe in.

That might be Goddess Isis, or any of the Ascended Masters or Gods and Goddesses connected to the Egyptian pantheon. It may extend out beyond that to teachers from other lineages.

Your spiritual journey is unique to you, and we are here to honor that and support your fullest flowering on all levels.

Bespoke Training 

We take a bespoke approach to training. It takes into consideration where you are at on your journey, and what you have explored so far in terms of personal growth, life transformations, spiritual trainings and studies.

Once that is clear, we find how to optimally guide and prepare you to become a truly great teacher – one that transmits – and does not simply teach by rote.  

This apprenticeship journey is a three stage, three level initiation process, which prepares you to teach the Egyptian Tantric Secrets from a place of deep experience. Near to the end of the journey there is an examination process, so as to determine truly…

Are you ready to hold space for others?

Do you need more study or practice time?

Do you need to explore other areas of spiritual study to deepen as a teacher?

We want to support you in becoming the best space holder you can possibly be, and we’ll bring all our years of experience to guide you in that.

Pre-Requisites to Training

There are a few pre-requisites for joining this teacher training. You need to have journeyed and explored spirituality in some way so you have a foundational ground to build upon.

Meditation, dance, breathwork, tantra, healing, there may be numerous paths you have explored, but you need to have been a spiritual explorer for some time before being ready to commence on a journey of this depth. Be aware this is a deep dive!

Secondly, you need to have read the ‘Egyptian Tantric Secrets’ book or explored the Mystika School body of work through training, online courses or one-to-one work with Kiya.

The ‘Egyptian Tantric Secrets’ book is the training manual that underpins much of what we will explore in this training.

If you haven’t read it, check it out to ensure you truly want to teach this body of work!

Finding your Specialism

Within the ‘Egyptian Tantric Secrets’ book there are many different tools, techniques and practices explored. Early on we identify specific areas you may want to focus your Egyptian Tantra teaching towards.

Specialisms could be:

  • Egyptian Dance and Embodiment
  • Egyptian Trance Postures
  • Egyptian Breathwork Modalities
  • Egyptian Chant and Sound
  • Egpytian Ankh Healing
  • Egyptian Tantric Couples Work
  • Egyptian Tantric Solo Work

Each of these is a different stream you could choose from (or you could pick a number of these streams), ensuring that you’re focusing towards that which really lights you up and inspires you.

From that ground of passion, you will go on to teach and share. Of course, some might be saying: I want to learn it all! In this case, we can adapt the training to meet your needs, it’s your choice based on what truly fires your passion!

Giving you the Time to Hold Space

How does Mystika guide you to become a great teacher? By giving you the direct, lived experience of teaching. There is theory, of course, and a foundational ground of teaching tools, but the most essential aspect is the lived and EMBODIED EXPERIENCE of holding space for others.

So a key part of this training focuses on giving you time to hold space and guide others. To begin with you will guide Kiya through processes, practices and techniques. At later stages we bring in more people to be your trial students. The more this is done, the more you gain confidence to stand in your power as a teacher.

Along the way you also get loving feedback and guidance from Kiya and from your students, so you come to understand what is working, and what areas might need improvement so you can take your teaching – and your transmission – to the next-level.

During the training you’ll also experience teaching others online via zoom, another key tool which opens you to a global community of potential students.

We support you to learn the Egyptian Tantric Secrets deeply so you can give clear introductions and insights into topics. We also provide you with the tools to give other people powerful experiences that could change their lives forever.

Bespoke Training 

Becoming an Egyptian Tantric Mystic is an initiatory journey! Becoming a teacher is another dimension to that initiatory journey, and as we deepen together you will get to hone the many skills involved in that.

You ‘work the muscle’ so as to develop over a period of time, as you step-by-step journey more and more into your power. This is as much an inner journey as it is an outer one.  

Areas of teaching that require mastery:

  • Setting up and creating space for others.
  • Creating safe physical and emotional space for others.
  • Energetic preparation, opening and closing of spaces.
  • Information delivery – ensuring you are clear, on point, and not waffling or boring people!
  • Structuring classes and teachings (for online and in the real world).
  • Becoming a great space holder for others.
  • Deepening into tantra through regular personal practice.
  • Learning how to channel or open to higher guidance.
  • Learning the different skills needed for supporting groups vs individuals.

Deep Diving into You

One aspect of teaching involves delivering information. Another dimension is about how to  hold space for any emotions that may arise in others.

This ties into your own healing journey, as you can only guide people to the depth, heights or widths that you have personally gone to. How else can you know the terrain that others are exploring, if you have not gone there yourself?

So this is the inner aspect of the training, diving in deep to see what might need to be seen and integrated more fully so you become a more healed, whole, and more connected channel for teaching.

We will dive into your blockages, your core wounds – going right the way back into any childhood trauma (or birth trauma) that may get in the way of you becoming a clear, present and powerful teacher.

Channeling or Higher Guidance

As you probably know, Kiya does a lot of channeling within his work, and this is another area we can focus on within the three stage journey. If you have a natural resonance towards channeling, or are already tapping into it, then we can initiate you further into that, so it becomes easier to attune directly to a higher consciousness stream.

  • You can do that so as to bring through books.
  • You can do that to bring through new teachings.
  • You can tap into it in sessions or workshops to guide and support others.

Your Unique Tantra Training

This training is going to look quite different for each individual. Before we begin the journey we will get clear together on the areas you wish to develop more, and which areas might require extra focus to help you shine brightly as a teacher.

Choose your Initiation Path


During the training you may choose to receive initiation and guidance from Goddess Isis, Mary Magdalene, Hathor or Thoth – Kiya can bring any of these teachers through, and so again, if you feel a resonance with one of those teachers, you can be initiated by them, and we can weave that into the training journey.

Fast-track or smooth unfolding – your pace of training is up to you


This will be a journey of 3 levels, each one lasting 10 weeks, so the full journey is 30 weeks in total. You may wish to fast track and do a continuous flow over 30 weeks. If you do, get ready for a full power transformative journey!

For others, you may want or need integration time between each stage to fully assimilate the teachings before moving on to the next stage. So we go at the pace that works best for you, there is no benefit in pushing yourself beyond your capacity. We find the right growth edge and pace for you.

Make Time for the Journey!

At each level we will work over 10 consecutive weeks, meeting for 2 hours of deep dive training each week. Throughout the journey there will also be homework practices to do outside of class.

It’s important to set aside time not only for the class itself, but also to do the homework, and the practice aspects of that homework would ideally be integrated into your daily spiritual practice in some way.

That ensures that as you deepen, you are truly marinating your whole being and consciousness in these tools and practices, so as to come to a place of mastery with them. Truly, this is the only way to become a great, embodied teacher.

Once you’ve mastered them, then you are in the optimum place to hold space, teach and transmit.

If this training calls to you, reach out and make time for a tune in with Kiya to discuss further and see if you are a full match. It is a journey to be taken if you really feel that heart or soul call.

We will also determine whether now is the time for you to deep dive into a training such as this. You also need to ensure that Kiya is the right teacher for you by speaking with him in person, or checking out his work online.




Do you feel the call? 

So that is our invitation here at Mystika. If you feel the resonance with this body of work, and if on both sides we feel the readiness to journey together, then come train with us, come and deepen, it will truly evolutionise your life on all levels.

Perhaps you’ve already had a taste of Egyptian Tantric practice through connecting with Kiya’s work in person, online or via his books. Now is an opportunity to go to the next-level.

That next-level can take you to a point where you can start transmitting this to other people in a profound and potent way.

In these times, the Egyptian Tantric Secrets do not want to be kept secret anymore. They are yearning to be brought back, because they truly can serve people at this time on planet earth.

If you’re still reading this you probably know that already! You have felt it within your own lived experience, or you have a deep intuitive sense that there is something here for you.

So if this training calls to you, book a tune in, and let’s discuss directly to see if this is the right fit for you. If it is I would be deeply honored to work with you.

Payment and Extra Support

Modular payment


This is a three-stage modular journey. As a result you can approach it at the pace that feels right for you, and with a payment plan that works for you.

The cost for each Level is £2000 GBP during 2023, and this can be paid in installments if that helps your cashflow.

Please note this price may go up next year, so join us now to get the best price possible.  

Online Course – extra training support


There is an additional important aspect of the training which is outside of the hours we’re doing live together, and that is the 12-week Egyptian Tantric Secrets online course, available on the Mystika website.

 That is 12 x 2 hour classes, and it covers a lot of the material from the ‘Egyptian Tantric Secrets’ book. This is required study material and you’ll be encouraged to digest that material in full, in parallel to the journey we’re going on over the 30 weeks.

Are you feeling the Holy Yes?!

Are you feeling the yes?

Does Isis call to you? Does Magdalena call to you? Osiris? Thoth? Ra?

Does Egypt call to you?

Do you sense past lives you may have lived there before?

Do you wish to deepen into tantra within your own personal life?

Do you get excited by the idea of holding tantric space for others?

Are you ready to go on a deep journey of transformation and elevation?

Are you ready to step to the next-level of your life?

Then perhaps its time to join Mystika and become a deeply embodied teacher of the Egyptian Tantric Secrets.