Take the Egyptian Tantra Initiation

to rise to the next level!


If you are feeling stuck in life, this is for you!

Are you feeling…

  • Numb to life and your emotions?
  • Disconnected from your body?
  • Angry, jealous and resentful most of the time?
  • Guilty about your sexuality?
  • Shameful about your sexual desires?
  • A lack of intimacy with your partner?
  • Disconnected to your spiritual nature?

Are you desiring…

  • More effortless joy and peace?
  • To live life with an open heart?
  • To release stuck emotions inside your body?
  • To embrace your sexuality and enjoy it to the maximum?
  • To experience more love and intimacy with your partner?
  • A deeper connection to your soul and spirituality?
  • To go on an epic tantra initiation journey?

This online initiation is based on the # 1 best-selling book

‘Egyptian Tantric Secrets’…

The live offerings are also inspired by Kiya’s

# 1 best-selling new book Magdalena’s Tales…

The 12-WEEK 

Egyptian Tantric Secrets


This online course is an initiatory journey deep into the heart of tantric practice, as used in Egypt thousands of years ago. Through it you will connect with Isis, Osiris, Hathor, and other amazing higher guides.

It weaves these teachings with elements of Indian Tantra and Chinese Taoism, to create a powerful container for tantric awakening. It’s ideal for individuals, couples, or friends interested to connect deeper.

Through the 12-weeks you will learn:

  • How to unlock and run tantric energy through multiple energy circuits, in and around your body.
  • How to use this energy to initiate a healing process uncovering and releasing emotional wounds.
  • How to enter powerful energetic states on a daily basis to be more joyful, fruitful and blissful in life.
  • How to use a combination of breath, sound, movement, visualization and meditation to open yourself to deeper experiences.
  • How to use these tools to deepen into next-level intimacy, love and connection – with yourself – or with your partner.

The 12-WEEK Magdalena initations 

There is a whole added dimension to this online course – through the live initiations working with Magdalena. As you may know, Magdalena was once an Isis initiate/high priestess. Before meeting Yeshua she attained to incredible levels of spiritual understanding, and can best be seen as his equal. 

Through the live component of this training, we will receive guidance from Magdalena as she shares with us:

  • Energy techniques once used by her and Yeshua
  • Clearing practices to support your daily life
  • Methods for creating the Holy Grail inner crucible for inner alchemy
  • How to work as a couple to generate powerful Holy Grail activations
  • High-level alchemy practices for divine lovemaking 
  • Some of the secrets of immaculate conception (which are largely misunderstood today) 
  • ‘Attainment to the place beyond the techniques’ – Magdalena’s insights into going beyond techniques and methods 



You will also have the chance to ask any questions you may have about the Egyptian Tantric Secrets course content, receive personal answers, advice and guidance from Kiya, and receive support from your peer group of fellow initiates. 

    Who is this Initiation for?


    ready to rise to the next level of loving yourself

    Loving Couples or Friends

    who desire to go deeper in their connection


    •  Access to the 12-Week Egyptian Tantric Secrets Online Course including: 12 x 2 hours of online video classes & initiations, 12 accompanying e-books and homework exercises (worth $444)

    • 12 Weekly Egyptian Tantra Live Group Mentoring Sessions through video meetings (worth $1444), including Special New Magdelena Initiations

    • Private one-to-one mentoring through telegram chat for 12 weeks straight (worth $222)

    • Access to the premium Egyptian Tantric Secrets Telegram Group where you will meet members of your soul family, share your experiences and receive unconditional love and support on your journey ($222)

    • Bonus 2 x 1 hour Guided Audio Meditations (worth $66)

    • Bonus ‘Egyptian Tantric Secrets’ full book (worth $10)  
    • Bonus ‘Magdalena’s Tales’ (worth $10)

    To make the program available for everyone,  we are asking for a contribution of $888, instead of the combined value which is $2418!

    The Egyptian Tantric Secrets Online Course holds 12 Keys of Awakening

    Open to Energy

    Key 1: Ankh Solo Practice

    Each week you learn a powerful, foundational key connected to Egyptian Tantric Practice. We begin by exploring the inner union between our masculine and feminine, and how we can raise and cultivate these energies for health and well-being, using Ankh breathwork. This is the foundational practice – once you know how to self-source through your own direct connection, you are in the perfect place to enter into connection with someone else.

    Key 2: Ankh Couples Practice

    In week 2 you enter into connection with another. If you are single, your partner for these practices can be your own energy body. You can also explore these practices with a partner or friend. Either way, these practices enable you to connect to higher states of tantric union.

    Key 3: Ankh Healing

    Next you learn about the power of the pyramids, and receive an Ankh Reiki initiation that allows you to tap into life-force energy and pour it through your hands. This can be for self-healing, and for sharing with partners or friends. This also can be woven into your  love-making for next-level experiences!

    Go Deeper

    Key 4: Shakti Ankh practice

    This week we dive deep into ‘Shakti’, which in Egypt is known as Sekhem. Sekhem is the feminine life-force energy that drives all of us, and this week you learn to blend powerful Sekhem energy with your Ankh practice to free up your body and access a more flowing, playful practice. Come ready to get sweaty and sexy!

    Key 5: Opening the Chakra Loop 

    Going even deeper, this week we unlock the Chakra Loop (also known as the micro-cosmic orbit). Once opened, this energy circuit leads you to experience whole-body orgasm / multi-orgasmic states. You’ll learn how to open, clear and unite the chakras with the Ankh, to bring about powerful energy circulations.

    Key 6: The Chakra System & Awakening the Serpents

    Next we learn about the 13-level chakra system, a ladder of consciousness that raises from your most earthy aspect to your most expansive. Once learnt, you can then start raising energy through this system – enabling your Sekhem life-force energy to rise. This carries you into higher states, solo or with a partner.


    through healing






    Key 7: Heart Melting 

    Now we go deeper – but we also soften – into the heart… using a powerful circular breath technique that helps you access deep emotions and clear emotional blockage.

    In this practice, you lie down and go on your personal journey into heart healing, or if you are with a partner you can lay down beside one another and be guided together into a shared healing space.

    Key 8: Tantric Healing 1 – Breath and Touch

    We explore keys to help release primal life-force blockages through touch and breathwork. If you are solo you learn how to do this on your own body. If you are in partnership, you learn how to use these tools with your beloved, and you will be guided through a breathwork process you can share with one another.

    Key 9: Tantric Healing 2 – Movement and Sound

    We deepen even more by bringing in the elements of movement and sound release, to help support the uniting of sexual energy with love and higher consciousness. In doing so, we bring about a whole body, super-connected higher state.

    Reach the peaks


    Key 10: Channeling love and higher guidance

    This week we unlock the key to become a conduit for love and higher consciousness to pour through. In doing so you learn to share healing energy with loved ones, friends, groups or the whole earth. We also explore how to work with the Ankh to receive wisdom and guidance from a higher source.

    Key 11: Merging the maps

    In this session, we bring all the previous 10 Keys together – merging the Ankh with the Chakras, merging the breathwork with the movement, merging the masculine practices with the feminine, to find the union between it all. This one is going to be powerful – you will draw from various aspects of the teachings to enter into unity consciousness.

    Key 12: The Mystery week 

    Here at Mystika we like to keep some space open for the mystery, for the unknown to emerge and reveal itself. So we can’t tell you what is in the final week – it’s the ultimate secret!

    But we can assure you it is mind-blowing, deeply embodied, and will tap you into incredible ecstatic states.  

    So are you ready for the journey into the Egyptian Tantric Secrets? 



    Egyptian Tantra Initiation Course

    Self Paced Online course
    • Online course (12 x 2 hour pre-recorded content)
    • 12 Course content PDFs
    • Whatsapp group chat support
    • Bonus audios

    Meet your teacher – Kiya Ankara

    I’m Kiya, and I am super passionate about Isis, Magdalena, and the ancient tantric practices once used in the Egyptian temples thousands of years ago.

    I started teaching ecstatic dance 15 years ago, then I moved into breathwork, and then tantra. I’ve guided groups of up to 150 people into ecstasy, and I also offer deep dive 1-to-1 trainings and initiations.

    Breathwork is the heart of almost everything I teach – it is the fuel – the fire – that can ignite you, open you, awaken you, and bring you breath-by-breath into more expanded states.

    Whilst this course contains life-changing theory to enable anyone to understand this body of work, most importantly it gives you a series of guided experiences. Follow them and they will carry you into deep, ecstatic and super connected states!

    These teachings are your birthright. They’re every human’s birthright. They are offered with love, and with the knowing that if followed week by week, they will bring about a revolution in your love life, AND an evolution in your spiritual life too.

    So breathe deep, and get ready to open to states you may not even be able to dream of – yet!

    With love,


    This is what other students say about Kiya

    Kiya is a pure channel. With him I have remembered past lives, been initiated and activated on so many levels. Kiya also helped me deeply uproot feelings of shame and guilt, to help catapult my spiritual progress. I have experienced phenomenal breakthroughs… it’s life changing!”

    – Maria, Egyptian Doctor

    “I’ve been working with Kiya to help shift sexual trauma, bring me back into my body and to help me experience orgasmic states. I’ve really connected to these ancient breathwork practices, which have literally transformed my life in so many ways. I really believe in the medicine Kiya’s bringing to so many people in the world.

    – Isla-Rose, Cacao Healer and Teacher

    Kiya has a way of taking me home, deeper into my heart and expanding with the beloved… expanding my mind & energy body to open up and receive more love

    – Larissa Smith, Tantra and Embodiment Teacher


    To find out if this program is for you!


    Can I pay in installments?

    Yes. If you would like to join the Egyptian Tantric Secrets Online Program, you can pay in two installments of $444 each ($888 in total)

    Send me a pm on WhatsApp or instagram if you would like to make use of that!

    The payment plan for the self-paced course remains one installment of $444- 

    (But hey, if your financial situation is really holding you back to get started right now, I may be able to make an exception for you. )

    Send me a pm on whatsapp or instagram to explore this option

    I'm a beginner to tantra initiation, is this course for me?

    YES! This online program is suitable for you even if you haven’t explored any tantra before. I will guide you through weekly initiations and teachings that will help you grow, master and embody the art of Egyptian Tantra step-by-step. All you need is the willingness to try something new.

    If you are still not sure if this is right for you, you can always send me a pm on whatsapp or instagram.

    I am already experienced in the field of tantra, is this course for me?

    Yes! Even if you have already explored tantra teachings, there is something unique within the Egyptian Tantra path. Within it, we go deeper into their ancient methods of energy circulation through the Ka (the subtle energy body), using tools such as the Ankh, the Pyramid and the Serpents. Going deeper into your energy body allows you to work with it and use it as a vehicle to bring you into states of ecstasy, bliss and relaxation. No matter where you are on your spiritual journey these tools can help take you deeper, higher, and wider!  

    If you are still not sure if this is the right program for you, you can always send me a pm on whatsapp or instagram 

    How many people can join the online group program?

    To keep the meetings personal and make sure everyone gets personal attention and assistance, the program will be for a max of 20 people.

    I can’t join the online group meetings, is that a problem?

    No, that is not a problem. All video meetings will be recorded, so you won’t be missing out on anything, you can always catch the replay in your own time. That said, if you are able to attend the sessions, come join us live so you can ask questions and have a more powerful shared experience!

    How interactive are the online group meetings? Am I expected to share my personal story and other details of my life?

    You are not expected to share anything from your personal life, unless you want to. This is your unique journey and you can decide how much you share. Anything you do share is held in confidence and is not shared outside of the group.

    You can join the live zoom calls with or without video. You will always be given the opportunity to share, ask questions and participate in the calls, which could be really beneficial you as well as the other participants. But it will NEVER be a requirement.

    Can I ask personal questions during the 12 week program?

    Yes you can. You can ask personal questions in the telegram group or during the weekly Zoom calls – you can also specify whether you want feedback or you just want deep listening. Sometimes deep listening is the healing balm so many of us need. If you have any questions that feel too personal to share to the whole group, you can ask me directly on WhatsApp.

    I’m excited, yet still a bit nervous to embark on this journey. Is this normal?

    Yes, this is very normal. I felt nervous too when I first started exploring the world of tantra.  Because of societal and religious conditioning, some of the topics we cover are shamed and suppressed in our society. Therefore it can feel a little edgy to dive into anything which has ‘tantra’ in the title, even though you KNOW you really want to go for it. Often the edge is where all the growth is! 

    I can promise you it’s worth it and I’m here to support you along the way. If you need a little bit of extra motivation, feel free to send me a dm on instagram and share your hesitation.

    I have another question? Where do I aks it?

    You can ask me anything on WhatsApp or through instagram DM.