The Ankh Healing Book – The Ancient Egyptian Energy Healing System




Ankh Healing is a 200-page book, that gives you everything you need to know about how to work with Isis, and the Ankh as a healing tool. It includes breathwork, movement, energy circulation and visualisation practices to charge you up.

These tools help align you to all you believe in, and connect you to higher consciousness for self-healing. It also prepares you to channel healing energy for others.

It offers you the secret Ankh teachings that initiates once received in the temples thousands of years ago. This includes a special unlocking of the Ankh in the palms of your hands, opening them to become conduits through which energy can pour. Working with these techniques you can experience divine connection directly, and become the conduit for the golden Ankh healing energy to pour through.

At the first stage we direct this to ourselves for self-healing – after all, if we are supporting others to heal (now or in the future), we need to first heal ourselves, right?


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